H-M Happenings (Dec. 17, 2021)

Invite Friends to the Winter Open House!

The Winter Open House is right around the corner! Do you know anyone interested in becoming a Pioneer?

Forward them the link to Happenings and encourage them to attend on January 10th at 6pm. 

They’ll tour our campus, meet our teachers and learn more about student life at HIll-Murray. 

Click here to RSVP or for more information.


NCAA National Letter of Intent Signing Day

Senior Lucas Heyer signed his National Letter of Intent this week to play football for Stanford University as the top-ranked recruit in Minnesota. Click here to read more and watch his interview.

Internship Spotlight

Leo Gruba is currently participating in our Enterprise Business Internship Program.  He is interning at Arkco Sales located in Mahtomedi, MN.

As an intern, Leo has gained valuable experience conducting research and learning about business operations and customer relations.

World Language Department Star Students 

Click here to see the list of Star Students for November.
Congrats to all of them for their accomplishment!

Father/Daughter Dance

Middle School Computer Graphics

Maureen Neises of GraphiStudio graciously donated her time to present her company’s need (social media advertisements for GraphiStudio’s attendance at a tradeshow in February) to Mr. Dahl’s Middle School Computer Graphics classes this past fall.  Students used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create and present designs to Ms. Neises, and they received her feedback and perspective based upon her real-world experience.  If any business in the Hill-Murray community would like to work with Hill-Murray students in this manner, please contact Mr. Dahl at sdahl@hill-murray.org.

Guidance Counselors Visit 8th Grade English Classes, ACT x 2

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Middle School Counselor Mrs. Valentine was in 8th Grade Literature/Language Arts classes to first give a refresher to all students about our S.O.S. suicide prevention and depression awareness curriculum. Students watched “Connor’s Story” video and reviewed the ACT steps: Acknowledge concern. Show you Care. Tell a trusted adult. Students are asked to use these steps when concerned for the mental wellbeing of friends, peers, and self. All Hill-Murray families can access these S.O.S. suicide prevention resources by following this link: https://sossignsofsuicide.org/parent

The second ACT regards the results of the PreACT 8/9 that students took in October. Students received their score reports and test booklets and were directed to bring them home to parents. Students had an opportunity to view their score averages (on a scale of 1-30) and look at the World of Work map that shows their results of the Career Interest Inventory they took at the same time. Classes were also joined by Senior Counselors Mr. Reid and Mrs. Egan. Each led discussions about high school and college decisions and opportunities, a timely discussion as students look to their final semester of middle school.

Below are the national and Hill-Murray averages for the PreACT 8/9. More students take it in 9th grade, so our students took it a full year before many others typically take it.



Hill-Murray parents are invited to participate in the spiritual practice of Adoration, which is held in the Hill-Murray Chapel during the school day on the first Friday of each month. Adoration is part of the rituals and traditions of the Catholic Church and is open to members of the Christian faith. Adoration refers to the time when the Blessed Sacrament (the consecrated host) is placed on the altar and the faithful spend time with Jesus in the Chapel in quiet prayer and reflection. At Hill-Murray you are invited to attend Mass at 7:30am on days of Adoration and are welcome to sign up for a time to stay in the Chapel in prayer.

Our next day of Adoration is Friday, January 7. CLICK HERE to sign up. To learn more about this beautiful spiritual practice check out the US Conference of Catholic Bishops website.

Hill-Murray Pioneer Premier Auction

Naughty = not buying your raffle tickets

Nice = winning a new Chevy Trailblazer Which list will you be on? Santa’s watching…click here to purchase today for $50 each!

Scholarship Information – Apply Now!

Hill-Murray scholarship applications are now available for the 22-23 academic year. All scholarship information can be found online this year under the Tuition Assistance tab on the main page of our Hill-Murray website. The scholarships are broken down into Need-Based and Non-Need Based Scholarships.  Those families who complete the TADS application for financial assistance will automatically be considered for the Need-Based Scholarships. There is no additional application to fill out for these scholarships beyond the TADS application. However, If a student is chosen for one of these scholarships, they will then need to submit an essay, thank you, and student profile information in order to accept and receive the award.  Any student, regardless of whether or not they fill out the TADS application, can apply for the Non-Need Based Scholarships. The application for these scholarships can be found and completed online under the Tuition Assistance tab as well.

All of this information can found at https://www.hill-murray.org/admissions-aid/scholarships/

If you have any questions about this process please contact Mrs. O’Gary or Mrs. Bates. Completed applications are due by Friday, Jan 14th. Late applications are NOT accepted.

Don’t delay! Get started on your application today!

The 2022-23 Financial Aid Application is open in TADS

As we begin planning for the 2022-23 school year, the application is open to apply for tuition assistance in TADS.  As you work through the applications, you will need: current pay stubs, 2020 federal tax return with schedules C/F/K-1, 2020 W-2’s, debt documents, retirement statements, credit card statements, education debt documents for parents/dependents, and medical debt documents.

Be sure to include all of your dependents on the application – those in college or post-high school dependents living at home.

Also, we will need you to upload your 2021 W-2’s in January. These must be submitted to finish your application.

Once you submit your application, please upload the supporting documents within a day or two to reduce any delay in processing your application.  Check your email frequently for any additional requests or questions from TADS.

Applications for financial aid will be used for Need-based Scholarships so no additional application is required.  Merit-based scholarships are listed on the H-M website – here is the link to our website

https://www.hill-murray.org/admissions-aid/scholarships/ to review and apply.

**Change for 2022-23**

The application is due January 14, 2022.  Unlike previous years, we will not accept applications after this date from returning families.  

Here is the link to TADS to access the application https://www.tads.com/

Please be sure to frequently check the Parent/Student Portal on the website for important information.

What’s Happening Next at H-M?

Follow this link to get details on upcoming events and activities at Hill-Murray:

Baseball Spring Training Camp – February 2022

HM Fathers Club Curling Event – December 18

HM Mothers Club Meeting & Social – January 19

Skate with the Pioneers – December 24

7th & 8th Grade Southwest National Parks Adventure – Spring 2022

Junior College Night #2 – January 11