Inquisitive. Resilient. Compassionate.

We challenge students to ask hard questions and search for new answers; to take smart risks and learn from experience; and to apply their education in service to a better, brighter future.

Hill-Murray School Academics

Hill-Murray is an independent, Catholic, co-educational, college-, and life-preparatory school serving students in grades 6 – 12. Rooted in our Benedictine and Lasallian traditions, we embrace the journey of each student and are committed to the growth and well-being of each member of our community.

  • Upper School

    High school students will develop their minds, bodies, and spirits through ambitious coursework, athletic competition, and connect with the wider world through transformative service opportunities, activities, clubs, and unparalleled international experiences.

  • Middle School

    Our Middle School program immerses students in a passionate community of teachers and learners focused on developing one another’s academic, physical, spiritual and social growth.

Academic Departments

  • Business

    Engage with the skills and technology at the heart of modern marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

  • English

    Gain mastery over language and ideas to become a better thinker, writer, presenter and communicator.

  • Fine Arts

    Create works of art using a variety of media, participate in a band or choir or study and perform in the theatre.

  • Math

    Investigate profound truths about reality by focusing on problem solving, mathematical reasoning and the communication of mathematical ideas.

  • Phy Ed & Health

    Increase your strength and endurance, improve your motor skills and health practices and have fun learning skills for a variety of sports and recreational activities.

  • Religious Studies

    Grow in your knowledge and understanding of God, deepen your faith and learn more about serving your neighbor.

  • Science

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the methods and significance of science in our world, a broad and basic knowledge of scientific principles, the ability to experiment in an unfamiliar situation, and strengthen skills through inquiry-based labs and group projects.

  • Social Studies

    Understand how significant events past and recent shape our world through the study of history, government, geography, civics, and economics.

  • Technology

    Develop knowledge and lifelong skills in a variety of technical areas including architectural design via Computer Assisted Design technology, coding and computer science.

  • World Language

    Enrich your awareness of other cultures and become a capable global citizen through the study of world languages.


  • Technology Academy

    Specialized learning pathways give students unique insight and experience with the latest developments in business and technology.

  • Coding Academy

    Build a foundation of knowledge and expertise in the most innovative areas of computer science with a Technology or Coding certification course.

  • Entrepreneurial Academy

    Gain invaluable insight and experience in the world of business while developing your own leadership skills through the Entrepreneurial Certification Pathway.