Leading with the Head and the Heart

We empower students to embrace their journey by leading with their heads and hearts to make a positive difference in the world.

See For Yourself...

  • 20

    Average Class Size

  • 22

    Classes Offered to Earn College Credit

  • 280

    Athletics Titles

  • 6

    Theater Productions Annually

  • 96%

    Students Who Participate in Co-Curricular Activities

  • 946

    Total Enrollment

  • 35+

    Clubs & Activities

Who We Are

We’re an educational leader in the Twin Cities.

An independent, Catholic, forward-looking school rooted in strong values that provides academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual support to every student.

Living Our Values, Together

Since 1971, we’ve provided young people a place to develop their spiritual, intellectual, physical and social selves, guided by a commitment to Benedictine and Lasallian traditions of faith, education, hospitality and humility. Here are our Core Values.

  • Catholic Faith

    Our Catholic identity permeates our school community and strengthens us as we seek to live out the teachings of Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ provides the most comprehensive and compelling example of the realization of full human potential. As a Catholic school community, we meet students where they are and support them as they learn and grow in their faith journey. 

  • Community of Belonging

    We believe in the commitment to sharing our faith, values, and experiences with students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends of the Hill-Murray community. We believe our Benedictine and Lasallian traditions influence everything we do. We take care of each other. Every individual will be known, loved, and respected and, in turn, has the responsibility to know, love, and respect others. We are committed to connection and evangelization in a diverse educational community rooted in God’s love, with the profound belief in the dignity of the human person. We believe it is our privilege to “Welcome all guests as Christ” (RB 53), and this belief permeates Hill-Murray.

  • Mind-Body-Spirit

    We believe that educating the whole student is a hallmark of Catholic education. The intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical wellness of each of our students is a top priority. Current research informs our understanding of what our young people need in order to learn, grow and reach their fullest potential. Supporting our students in finding balance in their lives is rooted in our Benedictine tradition and will pay dividends throughout their lives.

  • Ethical Leadership

    We believe that every student is capable of leadership and will empower them to recognize, develop and use their strengths and gifts to serve their communities. We believe students are transformed by service to others, and each will find their own way to provide ethical leadership within their sphere of influence. We believe every student will graduate as a confident, ethical, and humble servant leader inspired to lead and serve. 

  • Global Stewardship

    We believe that for students to be prepared to contribute to a complex and interconnected global society, they need the skills, mindsets, and values that will help them work collaboratively and respectfully across cultures and borders. Stewardship is defined as the responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. We believe that educating the next generation of global stewards, problem solvers, and faith-based changemakers is critical to Hill-Murray’s success and will provide the kind of leaders our world needs.

Annual Report

The Hill-Murray Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of our school over the past year. Hill-Murray is blessed with the ongoing financial support of so many. Because of this generosity, the strong tradition of excellence continues in the classroom and in our community.  The 2023 Annual Report is the official record of our community’s generosity.

Our History

Our school has a rich 60 year history of Catholic education in the Lasallian and Benedictine tradition. Take a stroll back through time and find out more about Archbishop Murray Memorial High School, Hill High School and Hill-Murray School.

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Our Future

During the 2020-2021 school year, members of the Hill-Murray community came together to consider the school’s priorities for the next five years. The result is Go Boldly: The Hill-Murray Strategic Plan.

The plan’s five strategic pillars draw on the latest educational research and are grounded in our Benedictine and Lasallian Catholic traditions. Our goal is ambitious: Hill-Murray will be one of the finest independent Catholic schools in the country.

Strategic Plan