Called to Serve

Being a part of a spiritual community gives students the opportunity to explore and expand their relationship with God in all aspects of their lives, every day.

Grounded in Faith

Guided by our Benedictine and Lasallian values, we believe faith is defined not only by what we believe, but also by what we do. No matter their background, students are encouraged to use their gifts in service to their community and their world, deepening their faith by working to ensure all people are treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

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Campus Ministry

Explore your faith by celebrating the sacraments, attending retreats and participating in service opportunities and receiving one-on-one spiritual guidance from peers of pastors. Deepen your journey of faith through an active life of worship, service and prayer.

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Catholic Identity

The bedrock of our community is our shared faith. Our vision and values as a Catholic organization are rooted in the traditions of our founders, the Benedictine Sisters, guided by the Rule of St. Benedict, and the Christian Brothers, founded by St. John Baptist De La Salle.

Religious Curriculum

Our religious instruction spans every grade and combines study of scripture, Benedictine and Christian history, core theological concepts and world religions. Grounded by the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, students learn to expand their hearts by engaging their minds, to become lifelong servant leaders.

Community Service

Live your faith through your works by serving people in need, assisting in a parish or pitching in at school events. Altogether, Hill-Murray students complete more than 5,000 service hours every year, following the example of Christ to love and embrace the world by sharing ourselves with the people in it.