Resources for Success

The Nicholas Center is where students will find individualized support for their intellectual, personal, social and spiritual needs.

Seek Guidance. Find Support. Develop New Learning Strategies.

The Nicholas Center provides programs and services to help students succeed in Hill-Murray’s academically challenging environment.

We focus on helping students work to their strengths and develop the personal learning strategies and capabilities they need to thrive.

The Nicholas Center support services include counseling, college counseling, peer listeners and tutors, strategic study and reading labs, and more.


  • TNC Programs

    TNC programs address the strengths and challenges of each individual student, assisting them with organization, planning, time and material management, mathematics and reading skills.

  • Guidance & Counseling

    Our counselors offer support and guidance as you and your family make important decisions such as course selection, career exploration and post-secondary options.

  • College Counseling

    Get comprehensive college counseling or advice on choosing another post-secondary path.

  • Clinical Psychologist

    We are proud to announce the addition of an on-campus clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie Robinson, Ph.D., L.P. to Hill-Murray.

  • Speaker Series

    All are welcome to join us for this special speaker series covering topics important to middle school and high school students and their families as well as the community at large.

  • Peer Tutors

    Peer Tutors meet with students who would like help in any core subject area during WIN Time.

  • Peer Listeners

    Peer Listeners are junior and senior students who are here to listen if you want to talk confidentially about school, personal or interpersonal issues.

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