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Annual Fund

A cornerstone of our everyday operations, the Annual Fund gives educators the resources to provide a rich, transformative education that’s accessible to all students. Through the combined support of our generous community, the fund ensures our students are prepared to become ethical leaders who can transform lives.

Your Gift Will Support One of Five Key Areas

  • Greatest Need

    Affecting everyone in our community, your gift will be used to address our most immediate needs.

  • Fine Arts & Performing Arts

    Arts funding allows students to cultivate their inner creativity as they work, practice and perform together.

  • Athletics

    Support for athletics programs ensures students, coaches and teams have the resources to compete at the top of their game.

  • Faculty Salaries & Professional Growth

    To provide an outstanding academic and cocurricular experience, your gift will help attract, retain and develop world-class educators.

  • Financial Aid

    Through direct tuition assistance, your gift ensures all families and students have access to an exceptional education.


The legacy of our values and the continued health of our institution are secured through the Endowment fund. Alumni, parents and friends of Hill-Murray contribute to the Endowment Fund in numerous ways to sustain our community and propel our mission forward through future generations. If you wish to support inclusive, personalized education for years to come, we’ll work with you to structure a gift that honors your vision and generosity.

How Your Donation May Be Used

  • Teacher Support

    Support teachers, administrators or specific programs to enhance the student experience through targeted grants or by establishing teacher chairs to bring innovative educators into our community.

  • Unrestricted Gifts

    Empower the Board of Trustees to address the most pressing needs of the school with a gift that’s not designated to a specific program.

  • Scholarships

    Help us continue to provide financial assistance to exceptional young leaders—regardless of their background or circumstances—by supporting a needs- or merit-based scholarship.

Capital Improvements

Looking to the future, our vision becomes broader, more inclusive and more innovative. Capital Improvements make it possible to extend our reach to a growing community as the needs and opportunities for students evolve. Our near-term goals include a renovation of all classrooms to create optimal spaces for students to learn grow collaborate.

Additional Giving

Donors are venerable members of our community, and we’re happy to work with you to craft a meaningful contribution that will have a lasting effect on the lives of Hill-Murray students. Contact us so we can help realize your vision for the growth and well-being of our students.

Questions about Giving?

Contact our VP of Advancement 
Chris Zupfer

Annual Report

Hill-Murray is blessed with the ongoing financial support of so many. Because of this generosity, the strong tradition of excellence continues in the classroom and in our community.  The 2023 Annual Report is the official record of our community’s generosity.