We offer several scholarships for Qualified Students

Scholarships range from $500 for one year to $40,000 over four years. We offer three types of scholarships. To see the complete listing for each, click the button below:

  • Need-Based Scholarships (must apply and qualify for tuition assistance through TADS)
  • Non-Need Based Scholarships (must apply for the scholarship, but TADS application not required)
  • Additional Scholarships (awarded from outside organizations)

Determining Factors

Hill-Murray School works with many generous donors to secure private scholarship support. Last year, hundreds of students received scholarships. The number of students receiving scholarship support is constantly increasing as the school continues its scholarship fundraising.

Students are matched to scholarship opportunities based on the primary and secondary factors laid out below.

Primary Factors 

  • Academic performance
  • Grade point average
  • Standardized test scores
  • Calculated Need as defined by the TADS process (for need-based scholarship opportunities only)

Secondary Factors

Individual circumstances such as those listed below are also considered as part of the overall assessment of each application and may factor into individual scholarship decisions. Enrolling a diverse student body is essential to our schools’ mission. The Hill-Murray School community is strengthened by our students representing different races, economic backgrounds, geographic origins, genders, religions, ethnicities, sexualities, talents, and beliefs.

Our review also takes into consideration the individual circumstances that make each student unique. We consider the following secondary factors in our review.

  • Outstanding talent, achievement, or aptitude in a particular area
  • Strong commitment to community service and leadership
  • Contribution to the cultural, gender, age, economic, racial, or geographic diversity of the student body
  • Evidence of having overcome social, economic, or physical barriers to gain educational achievement
  • Family attendance at Hill-Murray School
  • Personal or extenuating circumstances
How do I apply for scholarships?

To be considered for Need-Based Scholarships, simply submit the admission application (new students only), and a tuition assistance application through TADS (new and returning). There is no separate application for need-based scholarships!
We offer a limited amount of Non-Need-Based Scholarships that do require a separate application. You do not need to apply for tuition assistance to be eligible for these scholarships.

How Are Scholarship Decisions Made?

Scholarship decisions are based on a very careful, overall assessment of each admitted student’s academic preparation and performance, as well as the additional information provided in the admission application.

What is the next step?

If you are a new student and you haven’t already done so, apply for admission. Scholarships are given to students who submit a complete application for admission.

When will I hear if I am awarded a scholarship?

Scholarship awards will be added to the student’s tuition agreements on an ongoing basis. If you receive an award you will have two weeks to enroll your student, complete the student profile, and write a thank-you note. This will indicate that you are accepting the scholarship award and will be attending Hill-Murray School in the fall.