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We believe cost should never be a barrier for parents seeking a transformative Catholic education for their children.

Assistance is Available

At Hill-Murray, tuition is supplemented in a variety of ways for 100% of students thanks to the support of our generous community.

We welcome all families to apply, and will work with you to create a sensible plan so your child can grow and thrive.


How to Apply

Tuition Assistance is determined each year for all families who apply for need-based assistance. Tuition Assistance applications are reviewed and processed by a third-party provider, TADS (Tuition Assistance Data Services), to determine qualifying needs. 

2024-2025 Tuition Costs

Grade 6


Grade 7


Grade 8


Grade 9 – 12


Fees and Additional Costs

Enrollment Fee: $500 per student, per year
Technology Fee: $250 per High School student per year
$50 per Middle School student per year
Students participating in athletics or other co-curricular activities are also required to pay a participation fee, and all students are also responsible for purchasing school uniforms.


Hill-Murray School offers a number of scholarships for qualified students. Scholarships range from $500 for one year to $40,000 over four years.

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Who may apply for tuition assistance?

Anyone who is interested in attending Hill-Murray School but feels they may not be able to pay the tuition should submit an application. Applications are online at www.tads.com. Cost to apply is $42.00, paid to TADS.

What information do I need to have ready in order to apply?
  • Current pay stubs,
  • 2022 federal tax return with schedules C/F/K-1,
  • 2022 W-2’s,
  • Loan or other debt documents,
  • Retirement account statements,
  • Credit card account statements,
  • Education debt documents for parents/dependents, and
  • Medical debt documents

Be sure to include all of your dependents on the application – include even those in college, or any post-high school dependents living at home.

Once you submit your application, please upload the supporting documents within 48 hours to reduce any delay in processing your application.  Check your email frequently for any additional requests or questions from TADS.

Who has access to my application information?

All applications and grant awards are completely confidential. Hill-Murray uses the services of TADS (Tuition and Data Services) to process Tuition Assistance applications.

When will I find out what my family has been awarded?

Tuition Assistance Award notifications will be sent via email after your family’s 2024-25 TADS application has been completed with all required documents. Students must be accepted before Hill-Murray can issue an award.

What does tuition cover for Hill-Murray students?

Tuition covers approximately 90% of the cost of an education at Hill-Murray. The remainder is covered through fundraising efforts such as the Annual Fund and the Pioneer Premier Auction.

How do I apply for Tuition Assistance?

Applications are online at www.tads.com. The cost to apply is $42.00, paid to TADS.

Is there a tuition discount or more assistance available for families with multiple students attending Hill-Murray or other tuition-based schools?

Multiple students are one of the key factors in determining Tuition Assistance awards. One of the important questions asked on the TADS application relates to family size and the number of students enrolled in a tuition-based school, including family members in college or trade schools.

How do I receive the tuition assistance awarded to me?

Award amounts for families who qualify for need-based tuition assistance are posted to TADS agreements once a student has been accepted and your family’s 2024-25 TADS application has been completed with all required documents.

Is Tuition Assistance automatically renewed each year? How often do I have to re-apply?

Because financial circumstances change, we require all families to re-apply for Tuition Assistance each year. However, the school makes every effort to maintain assistance awards annually.

Is there a discount if I pay tuition early?

Yes. If you choose to pay the entire year’s tuition within two weeks of acceptance, you will receive a discount. Families who choose to prepay in this manner are not eligible for financial aid.

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Tuition Assistance Questions:
Krissy Pohl/Middle School Enrollment Manager
Emily Sharockman/Upper School Enrollment Manager
Scholarship Questions:
Denise Bates/Executive Director of Advancement

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