Find Your Calling: Regina Head loves learning about the world and growing music skills

At Hill-Murray, we strive to help our students find their calling, whatever it may be. From daily classes, athletics, clubs, and programs to other student-led initiatives, our students are discovering their paths each day. Through our new campaign called Find Your Calling, we get to know our Pioneers and discover what inspires them. 

Regina Head, Grade 11

What subjects are you most interested in? 

English and Science

Does Hill-Murray help you explore those interests?

Hill-Murray has a wide range of classes that I can take to explore different kinds of science and different aspects of English and opportunities outside of the classroom for me to explore.

Are you involved in any athletics or extracurricular activities? What do you enjoy about these opportunities?

I’m in quiz bowl and in several different bands. I chose to join quiz bowl because most people in my family have done it, and I always wanted to do it. I enjoy the competitiveness of quiz bowl and the sense of camaraderie it gives. I joined band because I’ve been playing an instrument since I was seven and wanted to continue to grow in my musical ability.

Finally, what does finding your calling mean to you? 

Finding my calling means understanding what I want to spend my life doing. Hill-Murray has helped me to learn that I love learning about the world and helping the people in it by giving me rigorous classes and lots of extracurricular activities.