Find Your Calling: Junior Matthew Kasmirski is equipped with the skills for wherever life takes him after graduation

At Hill-Murray, we strive to help our students find their calling, whatever it may be. From daily classes, athletics, clubs, and programs to other student-led initiatives, our students are discovering their paths each day. Through our new campaign called Find Your Calling, we get to know our Pioneers and discover what inspires them. 

Matthew Kasmirski, Grade 11

What subjects are you most interested in? 

Computer Science, Math

Does Hill-Murray help you explore those interests?

Definitely gives a great starting point. Plenty of classes that explore my interests and great credits for college.

Are you involved in any athletics or extracurricular activities? What do you enjoy about these opportunities?

I’ve done Robotics every year here. It has been such a fun, crazy, and knowledgeable experience. I have learned the ins and outs of many things, whether it’s programming and problem solving, or coaching a team for competitions.

Finally, what does finding your calling mean to you? 

Understanding what exactly you want to do with your life. Hill has given me an amazing starting point for that journey and all the challenges it will bring.