Find Your Calling: Hannah Vennewitz is driven by her work in Yearbook, Peer Ministry

At Hill-Murray, we strive to help our students find their calling, whatever it may be. From daily classes, athletics, clubs, and programs to other student-led initiatives, our students are discovering their paths each day. Through our new campaign called Find Your Calling, we get to know our Pioneers and discover what inspires them. 

Hannah Vennewitz, Grade 12

What subjects are you most interested in? 

English, Government, Business

Does Hill-Murray help you explore those interests?

Yes, throughout my time at Hill-Murray I have been able to take classes or join clubs that have interested me.

Are you involved in any athletics or extracurricular activities? What do you enjoy about these opportunities?

I am the editor-in-chief for the Hill-Murray Yearbook. I have always loved English, and when I saw that Yearbook was a class, I knew it would be the right fit for me. It gives me the chance to include people and highlight the school’s triumphs and students who have made an impact. I work with a fantastic team and learn from our yearbook advisor Mr. Buesing who was a sports journalist before coming here. I have loved every minute of it and cannot wait to show everyone what we have worked so hard on throughout the year. I am also a Peer Minister. Last year, my friend and I put together the Pet Drive and Easter Basket Drive, which were huge successes during the pandemic. It, by far, was the highlight of my junior year – seeing everyone come together for a common cause and being able to orchestrate the entire project. I help out with all school masses, from being a greeter, reader, or handing out communion. Most importantly, I have been allowed to speak about my faith journey. This club has surrounded me with a loving community that shares the same love for God and has given me a role to make a difference. I have also been a part of Link Crew, Students for Change, and Mock Trial. These clubs have allowed me to make a difference and given me a chance for a leadership role in the community.

Finally, what does finding your calling mean to you? 

Hill-Murray has provided me with excellent teachers who have helped me every step of the way, and genuinely care about me as a student and me as a person. I cannot express the gratitude I have for every teacher that has come across my path that has helped me discover my calling.