Find Your Calling: Anna Schafhauser pursues business and finds community at HM 

At Hill-Murray, we strive to help our students find their calling, whatever it may be. From daily classes, athletics, clubs, and programs to other student-led initiatives, our students are discovering their paths each day. Through our new campaign called Find Your Calling, we get to know our Pioneers and discover what inspires them. 

Current Pioneers, share your story with us and we may feature you on our website and social media. Take the survey here.

Anna Schafhauser, Grade 12

What subjects are you most interested in? 

Business/Marketing, English/Writing

Does Hill-Murray help you explore those interests?

Hill-Murray has provided me with many opportunities in the business sector through DECA. In connection with the business classes at Hill-Murray, I have received the guidance and education to succeed in business classes, DECA competitions, and in starting my own business.

Are you involved in any athletics or extracurricular activities? What do you enjoy about these opportunities?

DECA: I am interested in business and was able to attend DECA nationals all years of high school. I am now the president of our Hill-Murray chapter and Minnesota DECA.

Volleyball: I have played volleyball all my life and was honored to be the captain this year. I’ve been in the program for seven years and it taught me more than just volleyball, but responsibility, sportsmanship, and leadership.

Track and field: I have been running track since 5th grade and on varsity for Hill-Murray since 7th grade. Track has made me amazing connections within the Hill-Murray community and given me individual confidence.

Finally, what does finding your calling mean to you? 

To me, finding my calling means being able to dedicate myself to the topics I’m interested in. Hill-Murray has given me the opportunities I have had to learn more about business, and most importantly, given me the pathway to my position as Minnesota DECA President. Without my Hill-Murray education and advising, I would not be in the same position I am today.