Find Your Calling: Ashley Myers finding her calling to teach history

At Hill-Murray, we strive to help our students find their calling, whatever it may be. From daily classes, athletics, clubs, and programs to other student-led initiatives, our students are discovering their paths each day. Through our new campaign called Find Your Calling, we get to know our Pioneers and discover what inspires them. 

Ashley Myers, Grade 12

What subjects are you most interested in? 

Social Studies, English, Choir, and Theatre

Does Hill-Murray help you explore those interests?

Absolutely! Hill-Murray has more opportunities than any other high school in the area which provides so many avenues to explore! The theater program does six shows a year (holy cow!!) all which contain different subject matter and vary in style. I adore doing theatre and I appreciate that Hill-Murray offers so many opportunities for me to explore this area of my life!

Are you involved in any athletics or extracurricular activities? What do you enjoy about these opportunities?

I participate in theatre, student council, choir, and HM Students for Change. Since I was a little kid I have participated in theatre! I grew up attending the Hill-Murray shows and being in absolute awe of the talent and beauty of their productions. So I was ecstatic when the time finally arrived and I could audition for shows! I thoroughly enjoy how the mentors in the theatre program push you past your limits in order to teach you your potential and improve your skill. Mr. B, Ms. Walth, and Mr. O are all such phenomenal people and I appreciate them so earnestly. I also am forever grateful to student council and HM Students for Change for teaching me leadership skills i never would have gained without the opportunities i received in those clubs

Finally, what does finding your calling mean to you? 

To me finding your calling is when you find yourself comfortable and satisfied with the direction your life is going. You are excited each day to get up and push on. Hill-Murray has introduced me to some of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I spent the majority of my high school career feeling completely hopeless at what I wanted to do with the rest of my life; that is, until I found myself in Mr. Rose’s 11th grade history class. Mr. Rose’s passion and love for history helped me discover my own love of history and my desire to teach it. All of the amazing teachers I’ve had throughout my time at Hill-Murray have truly helped me find my calling and I am so thrilled to see where life takes me next.