New Year, New Strategic Direction

Dear Hill-Murray Community,

It’s a new calendar year but I know many of you are also thinking about the next school year. Frankly, it’s that time of year! The 2022 – 2023 school calendar will be coming out next week, so please look for an email from Hill-Murray,

This week we threw open our doors and welcomed more than 100 prospective families to our Winter Open House. Everyone in attendance was focused on next school year with some level of interest in joining our wonderful community come Fall.

But whether you’re new to the school or have a long history with Hill-Murray, I think you’ll see many changes over the next few years that will enhance and improve the quality of our students’ education and their overall experience.

I’m very pleased to present Hill-Murray’s new strategic plan, Go Boldly, which was approved by the Board of Trustees just last month. “Go Boldly” is our roadmap for the next 5 years. The plan promises to build on the strong traditions of our past while continually improving to ensure the vitality of our future. 

I encourage you to check out the Go Boldly webpage and learn more about our new Mission, Vision and Identity. There you will also find the five pillars that will be the focus of our efforts going forward.

In the coming months, we’ll communicate the plan’s objectives and detailed tactics but know now that the new strategic direction will drive all that we do. 

For example, the physical, spiritual, social and emotional growth of our students will continue to be prioritized in the coming years and we developed and designed our 2022-2023 school calendar with that top of mind. The calendar will result in more quality classroom time each day with an emphasis on creating the optimal learning environment. 

If you wonder how we developed Go Boldly, it was a collaborative and concerted effort to stay true to our core values of our Catholic mission. I am particularly pleased that the process engaged so many valued community members, including students, faculty, school leaders, current and past parents, trustees and alumni. 

Thank you for your generous effort on behalf of our students of today – and tomorrow. They are the true beneficiaries of your hard work and deep commitment to our amazing community. 

God Bless and Go Boldly Pioneers! 

Melissa Dan, President