Homecoming: A Celebration of Community and Tradition 

Dear Hill-Murray Community,

Can you believe it is Homecoming Week already? We started the week with an all-school Mass in Our Lady of Victory Stadium. The weather was beautiful, and Father Peter Ly, from Presentation of Mary Catholic Church was our celebrant. There is an indescribable sense of significance when the entire student body and faculty comes together to celebrate mass. It serves as a compelling reminder of the unity that defines our community and underscores what it truly means to be a Pioneer.


All-School Mass – September 11, 2023


I look forward to seeing generations of Pioneers return to campus this week. We are set to commemorate some important milestones, with the class of 1963 Archbishop Murray celebrating their 60 year reunion, and Hill-Murray’s class of 1973 celebrating their 50th! The Athletic Hall of Fame Mass and Induction Ceremony is also coming up this Sunday. (Click here to RSVP) There is an undeniable warmth in returning to a school community that remembers you from your earliest days, when you were just a kid, filled with boundless potential. 

As I reflect on each of our current students, I see that same potential and limitless possibilities. Our shared task is to nurture and support them, enveloping them with love, guidance and a strong connection with their faith. By doing so, we can ensure they remain inspired Pioneers for life, contributing to the legacy of Hill-Murray School for generations to come. 

There is something for everyone this Homecoming Week – I hope you can attend one of our home athletics events happening throughout the week.  You can check out our Athletics Calendar to see which teams are playing. You might like to bookmark the link since it is kept updated throughout the academic year.  I hope to see you this Friday at the tailgating event and football game. More information about the Homecoming festivities can be found on our website


Homecoming 2023 “Wake Up” Pajama Theme Day


There is a distinct atmosphere here at Hill-Murray that has become increasingly apparent since assuming the role of President. It’s a prevailing sentiment and experience that our gatherings and events are intentionally designed to be fun, foster a sense of community, and minimize stress. Just last week, during a conversation with a parent of a ninth-grade student, a concern was raised about finding a date for the Homecoming dance. I reassured them that, particularly among the younger high school grades, most students attend the dance with groups or friends. It is far too early in the school year for any of our students to be preoccupied with the complexities of “finding a date, especially for a ninth-grade student. Homecoming Week is about coming together, having fun as a community, and enjoying the special events that the Student Council has planned for us. This sense of belonging and connectedness is what defines Homecoming Week. These events lay the groundwork for enduring friendships, networks, and relationships that can last a lifetime. I believe that is why we see so many of our alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends attending not only Homecoming, but so many Hill-Murray events throughout the year. 

Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated members of the Hill-Murray Foundation Board, the Board of Trustees, and the Alumni Board. Last Friday, they were all on campus for our Annual Board Member Retreat. The day, which began in prayer and reflection, was a celebration of Hill-Murray’s mission in action. It was a day dedicated to addressing board-level strategic matters.  With their unwavering commitment, these exceptional volunteers bring a wealth of expertise, guidance, and support for our school, instilling in me an unwavering confidence in the future of Hill-Murray. 

As I had the privilege of sharing with our board members last Friday, it is with great pride that we welcome 1,027 students through our doors each day. As someone who has dedicated their life to education and now holds the role of President at Hill-Murray, I am profoundly proud of the positive impact our school community has on the lives of these young people. My gratitude extends not only to our board members but to each of you who consistently demonstrate unwavering support and dedication to the Hill-Murray mission and vision. 

Hope to see you at Friday’s Homecoming event!



Melissa Dan

President, Hill-Murray School