Making the right educational choice for your child is a big decision and we know how stressful it can be. At Hill-Murray, we are committed to making a quality, personalized education accessible for all families.

If you are concerned about affording a Hill-Murray, don’t be. Hill-Murray offers assistance to match the financial situation of your family.

In fact, no student pays 100% of the cost of a Hill-Murray education. Tuition has already been supplemented thanks to our generous donors, the Pioneer Premier Auction, and the Hill-Murray Annual Fund.

We are committed to providing Tuition Assistance so we can share the investment in your child’s education and we welcome the unique gifts and talents your student will bring to the Hill-Murray community!


Tuition Assistance at Hill-Murray is determined on a yearly basis for all families. All applications are reviewed and processed by TADS, a third-party provider, to determine qualifying needs. Tuition Assistance applications are now available for the 2021-22 school year.

1. New students: Fill out the Hill-Murray Admissions Application
2. Apply for Tuition Assistance (if desired – by the yearly deadline) via TADS

If you have any questions, please contact Renee Haberle.

2021-2022 TUITION

Grade 6: $8,245*
Grade 7: $10,245*
Grade 8: $12,245*
Grades 9-12: $14,525*


Enrollment Fee: $500 per student, per year
Technology Fee: $250 per High School student per year
$50 per Middle School student per year

Students participating in athletics or other co-curricular activities are also required to pay a participation fee, and all students are also responsible for purchasing school uniforms.


One out of three Hill-Murray students receives some type of tuition assistance each year. The average scholarship is $2,000, and Hill-Murray awards approximately $1.2 million in scholarships annually.


The Pioneer Foundation for the Performing Arts is an organization independent of Hill-Murray School. It provides programs for volunteers seeking additional opportunities for tuition assistance grants. These grants for both Hill-Murray students and students enrolled at other schools, provide significant funds for families who wish to volunteer their time and talents. It’s easy to learn how your family can take advantage of these programs.

Pioneer Foundation: Bonnie Nelson 651-303-9515


Get answers to your questions about Tuition Assistance and Scholarships, including how to apply, what you need to complete your application and more.

Anyone who is interested in attending Hill-Murray School but feels they may not be able to pay the tuition should submit an application by January 15, 2021. Applications are online at Cost to apply is $42.00, paid to TADS.

Families must submit a copy of their 2019 Federal Income Tax Forms (1040) as well as a copy of all 2020 W-2 and 1099 forms directly to TADS when available in January 2021. Don’t wait to submit your application, instead send the information from 2019. TADS will reach out as needed for 2020 W-2’s.

All applications and grant awards are completely confidential. Hill-Murray uses the services of TADS (Tuition and Data Services) to process Tuition Assistance applications.

Award notifications will be notified in mid-February. The student must be accepted before Hill-Murray can issue an award.

Tuition covers approximately 90% of the cost of an education at Hill-Murray. The remainder is covered through fundraising efforts such as the Annual Fund and the Pioneer Premier Auction.

Applications are online at The cost to apply is $42.00, paid to TADS.

Multiple students are one of the key factors in determining Tuition Assistance awards. One of the important questions asked on the TADS application relates to family size and the number of students enrolled in a tuition-based school, including family members in college or trade schools.

Award notifications are sent in mid-February.

You will have two weeks to enroll your student and return a thank you letter, indicating that you are accepting the scholarship award and will be attending Hill-Murray School in the fall.

Because financial circumstances change, we require all families to re-apply for Tuition Assistance each year. However, the school makes every effort to maintain assistance rates annually.

Yes. If you choose to pay the entire year’s tuition within two weeks of acceptance, you will receive a discount. Families who choose to prepay in this manner are ineligible for financial aid.

Tuition Assistance Questions:
Renee Haberle

Scholarship Questions:
Denise Bates