Boys Swim and Dive

Why Swimming & Diving?
Strength, leadership, coordination, perseverance, camaraderie, community, fun… you name it, this sport has it! Whether you are new to swimming or are striving to improve, this team will provide the foundation and framework to reach your goals while making life-long memories along the way.

Guiding Principles
1. To develop driven student-athletes and competent leaders.
2. To establish tradition and community.
3. To create lifelong memories and to have fun!

High-Quality Training Centered Around
Specificity: training is specific to distances/strokes.
Overload: Training at an intensity beyond what the body is accustomed to in order to promote adaptation & improvement.
Progression: Gradually increasing intensity during the season to maintain adequate overload.

November 27th – February 24th


Please reach out to coach Goldman if you have any further questions.