The President's Perspective is published and distributed bi-weekly.

President Melissa Dan provides the Hill-Murray Community with her perspective on important events, ideas and initiatives that impact students, staff, faculty, families (current and past) and alumni.

Hill-Murray Always Feels Like Home

Dear Hill-Murray Community, It’s been a wonderful, whirlwind week on campus as current students celebrate Homecoming and past students return to reunite and reminisce at dozens of class reunions. There’s

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Mission-Based Travel at Hill-Murray

Dear Hill-Murray Community, Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every Hill-Murray student could, at some point before graduation, participate in an academic, mission-based, life changing travel experience? Some of my most

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The Student Perspective: Let’s All Listen 

Dear Hill-Murray Community, For the last year,  you’ve been reading my perspective on a variety of topics and issues impacting our wonderful school and our amazing community. Surprisingly, people often stop me and thank

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Renewed, Refreshed and Ready !

Dear Hill-Murray Community, We’re on the verge of welcoming students back to Hill-Murray, and I couldn’t be more excited about leading this wonderful community through another school year! Being part

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We’re Almost Back!

Dear Hill-Murray Community, School Supplies. New Student Orientation. Picture Day. Uniforms. Medical forms… Yes, there’s a lot to do between now and the first day of school, but don’t worry,

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My Summer Homework Assignment

Dear Hill-Murray Community, The homework assignment I gave many of our students and faculty at the end of the year was to truly take some time away and find ways

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