At Hill-Murray, our school counselors help to maximize student success, supporting and assisting middle school and high school students with academic progress, personal/social concerns and decisions about life after high school. We act as students’ advocates, providing hands-on assistance, whether someone needs help with a class schedule, college applications or a challenging time. We strive to be accessible and available to meet with students individually and/or in small groups as often as needed.


To better assist students and parents during the unique transition of distance learning and life changes due to the COVID-19 virus, the Hill-Murray Guidance and Counseling Team has compiled some relevant information, support services, as well as resources for families.

Academic Support
If your child is struggling, Hill-Murray Counselors are available between 8:00am-3:00pm during school days to assist families. They can be reached by email, phone, or Google Chat / Zoom by request. We invite you to contact your student’s assigned counselor with any questions and/or concerns. The team, along with their contact information, can be found below.

College Support
Hill-Murray College Counselor, Carrie Egan is available between 8:00am-3:00pm during school days if you have any questions. Ms. Egan can help with the college planning process, college applications, financial aid and more. Ms. Egan can be reached by email, phone, or Google Chat / Zoom by request and her contact information can be found below.

Emotional Support
This is a challenging time for parents and students. The Hill-Murray Counselors and on-campus Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Julie Robinson, Ph.D., L.P. are here for emotional and mental health support if you need them. The team is available between 8:00am-3:00pm during school days and can be reached by email, phone, or Google Chat / Zoom by request. Their contact information can be found below.

NEW! Hill-Murray Virtual Calming Room
During overwhelming times in our life, it’s important to find ways to relax and cope. The Virtual Calming Room is a place for students to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings.

The Hill-Murray Guidance and Counseling Team have pulled together some great resources for families and students. These resources will be updated occasionally as we come across information that we feel would be helpful to our community members.


Every Hill-Murray student is known, loved and respected, and our counselors care deeply about the well-being of each student. We understand that students may encounter challenges and need additional support. To that end, the Student Assistance Program remains integral to prevention and intervention efforts at Hill-Murray.

The Student Assistance Program helps increase overall awareness among students, parents, and staff. We focus on issues such as depression awareness/suicide prevention; substance abuse; anxiety, stress management, and overall wellness. This program also helps identify students who are experiencing obstacles to success in school, such as academic difficulties, mental health concerns, unhealthy dating relationships, and family stress. The goal is to work with the student and his/her parents to address the concerns and help the student get back on track.


Hill-Murray has been using the nationally recognized S.O.S. (Signs of Suicide) curriculum at various grade levels since 2004 and are pleased to make available to all Hill-Murray families a new online component.

This includes videos, warning signs of depression and suicide, a free and anonymous depression screen and more. All of these materials are meant to be informative only, not diagnostic. If you have concerns about your child, please contact your family physician and/or a mental health professional. Please also contact his/her school counselor for additional avenues of support here at school.

To access the screening and other resources, log in by clicking the button below.

Username: HM-PAR | Password: sospioneers

If you have questions or log in problems, please email Lisa Valentine, Middle School Counselor and Student Assistance Coordinator or call 651-748-2224.


All Hill-Murray students utilize Naviance, a college and career readiness program designed to assist with interest and career exploration. In middle school, students become familiar with the program and use it to begin exploring their interests and how those interests align with post-secondary goals. In high school, students use it to complete college applications, apply for scholarships or financial aid, and explore how their strengths, goals, skills and interests can lead to exciting careers.