Hill-Murray Orchestras

Hill-Murray offers two String Ensembles

We are inclusive and accept students of all experience and ability levels. We offer differentiated, individualized instruction that helps all students develop their strengths as musicians. We also emphasize community, recognizing that each student has unique talents and gifts that benefit the ensemble as a whole.

  • Middle School Orchestra

    Middle School Orchestra is available for students in grade 6-8. This ensemble meets as a class during the school day.

  • Pioneer Orchestra

    Pioneer Orchestra is open to students in grades 9-12. This ensemble meets as a class during the school day.


Our groups perform four school-sponsored concerts each year, plus a holiday concert at the Mall of America and a spring concert at Valley Fair.

Orchestra students are also eligible for MSHSL Large Group and Solo/Ensemble Contests and occasionally provide music during school masses.

Repertoire ranges from the classics to contemporary compositions for string orchestra.

About Mr. Villesvik

Bjorn Villesvik (pronounced VILL-es-vik) has been the orchestra director at Hill-Murray since 2019. Prior to then, he taught in Chicago Public Schools and at Roseau High School in Roseau, Minnesota. A native of Roseville, Minnesota, Mr. Villesvik earned a bachelor’s degree in music education from Augsburg University and is currently completing a master’s degree in music education at St. Thomas University in Saint Paul.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Villesvik is an active performer on the double bass, having played in the Evanston Symphony Orchestra, the Skokie Valley Symphony, and the Northwest Indiana Symphony. He is currently a member of the bass section in the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Minneapolis. Mr. Villesvik lives in Saint Paul with his wife, Rachel, and their tuxedo cat, Oscar. In addition to music, he enjoys reading and experiencing the outdoors.