November 2022

For Seniors

Give thanks! If you have not done so, please hand-write a thank you card to each teacher, coach, or administrator who wrote you a letter of recommendation. You may or may not enclose a gift card; that’s up to you. This is part of being an adult. These people took time out of their busy lives to sing your praises and help you along on your path.  


Don’t forget that these should be completed by December 1 for best results.  Parents, you may need to check every school your student applied to to see if they require the CSS profile. Or, go to this website:

College Application Details

You will generally need to create a student account at each college you apply to.  This student account, sometimes called a student portal, is where you will be notified of things missing from your application or forms you must complete. You may use your HM student email for now, but by May 1 when you select a college to attend, you’ll need to enter that college’s portal to change the email address to a personal one or you will miss important summer orientation/move in details.

Be diligent about checking these student portals. Some colleges even notify you of admissions decisions or financial aid awards via the portal.


Have you checked the Scholarship tab in Naviance? Click Scholarship Search. Each time we are notified of a scholarship, we post it here.

You also might register on a scholarship website: FastWeb, GoingMerry, and BigFuture are some of the best.  You will create a profile and then be notified of scholarships that match your criteria. If a scholarship requires an essay, remember that you can possibly reuse/tweak something you have already written.

Naviance usage

Please make sure you check and update your Naviance account.  There should be a notation in the Student Status column of your college list saying submitted for every college you have applied to. In the Office Status column it should also say Initial Materials Submitted.

Are you adding a college application? You need to associate a teacher recommendation to that application.

When you receive a decision from a college, click the EDIT button in your college list and mark the decision.

Take time to clean up your Naviance list.  Email your counselor if there are colleges on your list you wish to be removed.

For Juniors

ACT Prep Class 

This course is for juniors who are looking for additional coaching and support for the ACT. We will be offering two test prep cohorts. The first cohort is for students taking the Feb 11th test. The second cohort is for students taking the April 15th test. 

  • The 1st cohort will meet Jan 23rd and Jan 30th from 6:45-8:45 (Registration Deadline Jan 6th)
  • The 2nd cohort will meet March 27th and April 3 from 6:45-8:45 (Registration Deadline March 3rd )
  • Here is the form to register.

College search process

As you begin your college search journey, we invite you to explore a plethora of options to help you find the right fit for your post-high school experience. Ms. Egan and Mr. Reid are now available to meet individually with juniors. Please email them to set up a meeting. Below are a couple of resources to help your exploration