March 2023

As you head into your spring break, this is a good time to start or continue thinking about post-high school planning. Take a look at your family’s calendar for the rest of spring heading into summer to map out when it works to research schools online, visit schools in person, and analyze the financial investment each school would require (check out Net Price Calculator).


College visits

Whether you are staying home for spring break or traveling, you can set up visits to college campuses by checking out their admissions and visit pages online. Setting foot on a campus regardless of your interest in the school will better prepare students to understand what they may like or do not like on a college campus. Students are better able to visualize whether a school would be a good fit for them after an in-person visit than simply looking at the school online. This handout is a good resource to guide you on your visits.

College fair

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 18 at 6:30 p.m. for the college fair hosted by Hill-Murray and Cretin-Derham Hall held in Cretin’s gymnasium. Approximately 100 colleges and universities will be on-site for sophomores and juniors to learn more about their institutions. There is no charge for the fair! We will send a list of attending colleges as we get closer to the day.

Senior To-Do List

  • Be kind, patient and respectful as your peers receive their college decisions. Refrain from judging others’ college choices. 
  • Update your Naviance account with admission decisions as soon as you receive notification from colleges. Colleges will only notify students and not the College Counseling Office.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please remember to write thank you notes to the teachers who wrote recommendations for you.
  • Stay focused on your studies. Senior grades matter! Students can be placed on academic probation at the start of their first college semester if the student’s academic performance in the second half of their senior year causes the college concern. Don’t be that student.
  • Secure housing if it’s an option to do so without submitting an enrollment deposit. Housing deposits typically are refundable and do not commit you to attending the college. But, if you choose to attend the school, the sooner you put in a housing deposit, the better your priority number will be for selecting housing.
  • Come see your college counselor if you have questions about your financial assistance award or if you want to discuss your enrollment options.
  • Keep in mind that you have until May 1 to make a final decision.
  • Start thinking about course registration for the fall. Learn about dates and deadlines that your attending college has for incoming students–start organizing your schedule to make sure you are prepared for the next step in your academic journey.