Athletic Hall of Fame

Honoring those who help maintain the spirit, pride and sense of community Hill-Murray athletics represents.


The purpose of the Hill-Murray Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those athletes and coaches who excelled in their respective sports or coaching/support roles and who helped to bring honor, recognition, distinction and excellence to Hill-Murray.

2024 Athletic Hall of Fame

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Nominations are due by May 31 of each year

We are now accepting nominations for Hill, Archbishop Murray, and Hill-Murray School alumni, staff, and coaches whose impact on our athletic programs is memorable. Nominees must have completed their careers, whether competing or coaching, more than five years ago.

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Left to right: Tracy Schultz Warner ’77; Emmy Treacy Springer ’79; Brother Francis Carr;
H-M Athletic Director Bill Lechner; Terry Skrypek; and Frank Asenbrenner
Not pictured: Richard Cover ’65

Tracy Schultz Warner, Hill-Murray High School 1977

Emmy Treacy Springer, Hill-Murray High School 1979

Brother Francis Carr, Hill-Murray High School Athletic Director

Terry Skrypek, Hill-Murray High School Coach & Teacher

Frank Asenbrenner, Hill-Murray High School Principal & Band Director

Richard Cover, Hill High School 1965

Left to right: H-M Athletic Director, Bill Lechner; Bob Klatt (accepting for his brother Bill ’65); Bill Wold ’68; Nicole Persby Giefer ’98; Barb Klein Anderson ’75; Gary Jost ’78; and Steve Frickey.

Bill Klatt, Hill High School 1965

Bill Wold, Hill High School 1968

Nicole Persby Giefer, Hill-Murray High School 1998

Barb Klein Anderson, Hill-Murray High School School 1975

Gary Jost, Hill-Murray High School School 1978

Steve Frickey Hill-Murray High School Football, Basketball & Track Coach

Standing from left: H-M Athletic Director, Bill Lechner; Andre Beaulieu and Jeff Whisler
Seated from left: Bob Sullivan, Tom Quinlan, and Monica Hilger
Not pictured: Mya Whitmore

Bob Sullivan, Hill High School Football Coach

Andre Beaulieu, Hill High School, and Hill-Murray School Hockey Coach

Jeff Whisler, Hill-Murray School 1976

Monica Hilger, Hill-Murray School 1978

Tom Quinlan, Hill-Murray School 1986

Mya Whitmore, Hill-Murray School 1987

Left to right: Tonja Englund, Jack Reif and H-M Athletic Director Bill Lechner.
Not pictured: Robert Young, Anne Klein & Craig Johnson

Jack Reif, Hill High School 1965

Robert Young, Hill High School 1971

Anne Klein, Hill-Murray School 1981

Tonja Englund, Hill-Murray School 1988

Craig Johnson, Hill-Murray School 1990

From left to right: H-M Athletic Director, Bill Lechner; John Goebel ’66; James Wold ’64; Mary Godfrey ’83;
Les Larson ’71; Anne Gorde ’85; Andy Persby ’96.

John Goebel, Hill High School 1966

Anne Gorde, Hill-Murray School 1985

Mary Godfrey, Hill-Murray School 1983

Leslie Larson, Jr., Hill High School 1971

Andy Persby, Hill-Murray School 1996

James Wold, Hill High School 1964

From left to right: George Behr, John Heller, Tom Kinsella, Peggy Saracino Sutherland,
Berry Persby and Steve Bernish.

Tom Kinsella, Hill High School 1962

John Heller, Hill HIgh School 1964

Barry Persby, Hill High School 1971

Steve Bernish, Hill-Murray School 1975

Peggy Saracino Sutherland, Hill-Murray School 1980

George Behr, Hill-Murray School 1988

Left to right: H-M Athletic Director, Bill Lechner, Steve Romanchuk, Jeff Black, Colleen (Holland) Deluca,
Kurt Wachtler, Benita (Hoheisal) Whalen and Dave Langevin

Steve Romanchuk, Hill High School 1967

Kurt Wachtler, Hill High School 1970

Dave Langevin, Hill-Murray School 1972

Jeff Black, Hill-Murray School 1973

Benita Hoheisel Whalen, Hill-Murray School 1982

Colleen Holland Deluca, Hill-Murray School 1990

Left to right: H-M Athletic Director, Bill Lechner, Ann (Christensen) Grode ’83,
John Colwell ’74, Tom Faust ’83, Paul Osberg ’72 and Connie (Hayne) Korf ’79.
Not pictured: Steve Rohlik ’86.

Ann (Christensen) Grode, Hill-Murray School 1983

John Colwell, Hill-Murray School 1974

Tom Faust, Hill-Murray School 1983

Paul Osberg, Hill-Murray School 1972

Connie (Hayne) Korf, Hill-Murray School 1979

Steve Rohlik, Hill-Murray School 1986

Left to right: Steve Janaszak ’75, April Carlson Persby ’02, Brian Hare (accepting for his deceased father,
Pat Hare ’63), Hannah Brandt ’12, Jerry Hoffmann ’73, Mark Krois ’83, and former Athletic Director Bill Lechner.

Patrick Hare (posthumously), Hill High School 1963

Jerry Hoffman, Hill-Murray School 1972

Steve Janaszak, Hill-Murray School 1975

Mark Krois, Hill-Murray School 1983

April (Carlson) Persby, Hill-Murray School 2002

Hannah Brandt, Hill-Murray School 2012



Pictured left to right: Paul Thurmes ‘82, Greg Langevin ‘68, Rod Romanchuk ‘75, Vince Conway ‘71, Tessa Cichy ‘12 and Bethany Doolittle ‘11.

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Pictured left to right: Don Hartman ’64, Taylor Cross ’08, Deanna Mauer Doherty ’97, Tim Whisler ’72, Tess Rizzardi ’79. Not pictured: Dennis Ryan ’85.

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Pictured left to right: Bob Koch ’72, Joe Scheitlin ’69, Joe Tamble ’76, Colleen Conway Cicalello ’05, Denise Schinkoeth Bates ’97 and Barb Gombold Marchetti ’81.