Professional Excellence at Hill-Murray

The heart of Hill-Murray and our “secret sauce,” if you will, are the teachers and staff who care deeply about our students and are willing to go the extra mile to support and encourage our young people.  Apart from my parents and family, my teachers have done the most to shape my life. In education, we now understand – and the research shows – the  important role teachers play in our students’ lives. 

Think back to your favorite teacher. Chances are that you remember how the teacher cared about you and supported you personally in your learning.  Maybe the teacher challenged you in a motivating way; maybe the teacher gave you the break you needed; or maybe the teacher simply touched your heart.   Our students need these kinds of educators more than ever as we continue to navigate the challenges of today’s world. 

In addition to a caring heart, the best teachers have a desire to continually learn and grow in their profession.  As a part of the Professional Excellence Pillar, we will invest in our teachers and support their learning. One example of how we support professional growth for our teachers is through the Lasallian Grant fund.  Teachers are encouraged to dream big as they access the resources to pursue opportunities beyond traditional teacher training.  This is an excellent way to champion our teachers and raise the bar as they seek to create innovative opportunities for our students.  Our goal is that Hill-Murray will be the employer of choice for teachers, and we will have no shortage of caring, professional, and innovative educators.

We will create a Professional Excellence Profile that will be the standard for all Hill-Murray teachers.  This profile provides a clear vision for excellence.  Administrators will use the profile to inspire, recruit, and evaluate our teachers in a way that puts Hill-Murray on top. The profile will promote lifelong professional learning and growth within Hill-Murray’s faculty to cultivate excellence in our Catholic school educators and leaders. 

Our teachers respond to God’s call to be present to our students every day in a way that touches hearts and minds.  They are guided by our Lasallian charism which provides wonderful metaphors of “older brother/older sister,” “guardian angel” and “good shepherd” as a way of understanding the inspirational and caring role teachers play in students’ lives.  

Teachers have an amazing opportunity to show up for students, honoring the deep trust parents have placed in us.  At Hill-Murray, we do not take this lightly; it is core to our mission and identity.  If the ultimate goal is to graduate students who are inquisitive, resilient, compassionate leaders grounded in the teachings of Christ, we must support, inspire and hold our educators to the highest of standards.