Virtual Winter Open House

Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Open House Agenda

Enjoy your evening with Hill-Murray.
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Welcome from Melissa Dan

Hear from our President-Elect as she welcomes you to Hill-Murray.

Current Student Experience

Listen to a current “Pioneer” talk about Hill-Murray and life inside the classroom. Topics include involvement in clubs and organizations, faith life on campus, athletics, and traditions that make Hill-Murray’s experience unique.


Hear from Enrollment Managers as they share information about Hill-Murray and the admissions application process.

What’s Next

• Starting at 6:30 pm you will be able to click the link (Breakout Sessions) to join the live Zoom. 
• Hill-Murray teachers, coaches, activity moderators, as well as the staff who can answer your admissions, scholarship, and tuition assistance will be live in zoom breakout rooms to answer all your questions.
• You can pop in and out of as many of the breakout sessions as you like. 
• When all your questions are answered you can end your evening by simply logging out of the Zoom meeting.
• If you need tech help there will be Hill-Murray staff on the Zoom call who are ready to help you.

6:30pm – LIVE Zoom Breakout Sessions

Get your specific questions answered. Representatives from all academic departments will be available as well as many of our coaches, activity moderators, admissions, and tuition assistance representatives.

Going Further

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Contact us with any questions:
Admissions Information: 651-777-1376
or email: Shawn Illgen or Krissy Pohl

Academics, Activities, Athletics and Tuition Assistance & Scholarships

  • 25 the average class size
  • 22 total courses in Honors, CIS, and AP
  • 96% participate in cocurricular
  • 43 clubs and activities
  • 20 varsity sports offered
  • 200 multi-sport athletes

Faith, Service, and Support

  • 27 peer ministers
  • 11,100 service hours last year
  • 12:1 student ratio
  • 36 peer tutors
  • 7 full-time guidance counselors

Fun Extras