The Hill-Murray Endowment is a fund that ensures the future health of the organization. The Endowment Fund support scholarships, tuition assistance, capital improvements and teacher salaries. This sustainable gift can be made in a number of ways, including cash and securities, as well as planned gifts in your estate or through insurance. Payments of cash or future pledge are also accepted.


One of the ways our Endowment helps to ensure the future health of Hill-Murray is through teacher support. Through grants, you can provide financial support for teachers and administrators or specific programs that will enrich the student experience. The Endowment can also be used to establish teacher chairs, which helps to bring talented, experienced educators to Hill-Murray to lead and strengthen academic departments.

Established in 2015 by a generous benefactor of Hill-Murray, The Lasallian Teaching Endowment provides grants and other financial support for teachers, coaches, cocurricular leaders, club moderators, and administrators to enhance their skills with the intention of positively transforming the student experience at Hill-Murray School.

The Hill-Murray Program Grant funds specific, ongoing programs that benefit students and/or the community. For example, the Parish School Band program received a program grant to ensure arts education is sustained in the Catholic elementary school community. Another sustainable program grant ensures The Nicholas Center has resources for reading specialists in middle school and high school.

Funding to establish Teacher Chairs in academic departments helps bring exceptional talent to the Hill-Murray community. A departmental chair leads the department, works on outreach efforts, inspires teachers and students, forges unique partnerships within the community, pursues unique learning opportunities and seeks to elevate the department toward excellence. Hill-Murray is currently planning a departmental chair for Science.


Estate or planned gifts to Hill-Murray school that do not designate any particular program are unrestricted. The Board of Trustees is free to use these funds toward the most important needs of the school, whether it is capital needs, tuition assistance, or program.


Scholarships are an integral component of our financial assistance program with 1 out of 3 Hill-Murray students receiving scholarships or tuition assistance each year. The average scholarship is $2,000, and Hill-Murray awards approximately $1.2 million in scholarships annually. If you’d like to support an existing scholarship or create a scholarship, we look forward to talking with you.

Need-based scholarships help lower the cost of tuition for families that qualify, allowing Hill-Murray to provide an accessible private school education for students who cannot fully cover all costs.

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of exceptional performance or achievement in academics, athletics or the arts.