At Hill-Murray, we help students, faculty and staff make the most of technology through a variety of resources and services. Technology at Hill-Murray includes our 1:1 student device program, education applications, college preparation software and digital resources such as document collaboration, an online gradebook and more.

If you can't find what you need here, you can send a text message for quick issues (like password resets or short questions) to our IT Text Line at 651-800-1338 or click the button below.

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What is it?

Hill-Murray is committed to successfully preparing students for their future. This means having a well-rounded understanding of different technologies and how to use them effectively. Hill-Murray encourages this development of 21st-century skills for both teachers and students through the integration of:

  • An 11” Macbook Air assigned to every High School (9-12) student, available to them at school and home.
  • Chromebooks assigned to every Middle School (6-8) student, available to them at school and home.
  • Chromebooks for Nicholas Center students
  • A comprehensive professional development program for faculty designed to maximize student engagement, the differentiation of classroom instruction and use of the most current online resources.
  • Dedicated Classroom Instructional Technology Specialists.

Benefits to Students

  • Immediate access to the latest educational research & information resources.
  • An increased ability to participate in online collaboration, and 24/7 access to teacher-created video lessons, classroom presentations, notes and other resources.
  • Enhanced education in digital literacy and online citizenship, and preparation for the technological environment they will be encountering in their post-secondary education.
  • State-of-the-art training for teachers ensuring they’re able to make the best use of new, and existing resources.

Insurance & Security


The laptops given to students will be the responsibility of the student and the family. In an effort to reduce some of the worry about students having expensive electronic devices with them at all times, Hill-Murray is making available an optional insurance program.

If families choose to opt-in, a $75 yearly fee for Apple Laptops (Grades 9-12) and $25/yr fee for Chromebooks (Grades 6-8) will cover one incident/breakage per year where the laptop is damaged, accidental or otherwise. This includes spills, drops, vandalism, etc, up to the cost of a full-replacement of the device. This coverage does not include loss or theft, the device must be turned in for an insured replacement or repair. Insurance can be purchased at the beginning of each school year. Insurance can only be purchased to cover one incident/break per school year and there is no option to purchase additional insurance again until the next year.

Since the costs of theft or loss are the responsibility of the family, we highly recommend inquiring about "Personal Articles" insurance through your Homeowners Insurance Policy holder. Most insurance companies will add this rider onto a homeowners policy and will cover the theft of your students laptop with no deductible.

You can download the Personal Article Description document by clicking the button below. Your insurance agent will need this in order to fully cover the device.

Personal Article Description

Security, Monitoring & Tracking

School-owned equipment has several forms of enterprise security tracking and monitoring software, similar to software that is installed on corporate devices. Inside the Hill-Murray building, computers can be remotely managed, controlled, and fully monitored by teachers and other staff.

Teachers have the ability to view student's screen, control the keyboard and mouse, blank the screen, send messages, etc. Outside of the normal school day, remote access to student computers is no longer available to staff and teachers. However, no matter the location of the device, we retain the ability to track the devices geographic location, internet IP address, monitor application installations, computer logins, and other operating system statistics. At no time do we have the ability to remotely activate device cameras or microphones.

If families are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to secure student and other personal devices and machines at home, we recommend activating the OpenDNS Family Shield system on your home routers or modems. The system is free, and is very similar to the content filtering system used at Hill-Murray.

Hill-Murray Acceptable Use Policy

Google Apps

Google Apps are a suite of collaborative online productivity applications that allow students to create and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other documents, as well as email, chat and backup files.

All students at Hill-Murray receive an "" email and google apps account. Students use this email address to communicate with teachers and each other. Google Drive Sync, an application installed on every student laptop allows students to store their files locally on the laptop (for access offline) but also have all their files synchronized and saved to their online Google Drive account. This is recommended for all students. Hill-Murray provides all students 10TB of Google Drive storage. (That's a lot!)

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Infinite Campus

InfiniteCampus is Hill-Murray's Student Information System. It houses our backend student data, emergency contact information as well as student report cards, attendance and behavior information.

InfiniteCampus can be reached by hovering over the QUICKLINKS icon at the top right corner of the website. All of our Technology platforms were set up with mobile devices in mind, and InfiniteCampus is no exception. You can download the InfiniteCampus app from the Google Play or iOS Apps Stores, you'll need our school's ID, which is available on the landing page after logging into InifiniteCampus.

Both students and parents have accounts for InfiniteCampus.

If you are having trouble with your InfiniteCampus password, email Mary McPherson or call 651-748-2428.


Finalsite is Hill-Murray's Digital Learning Management platform. It is a dynamic and capable system aimed at connecting students and teachers both in and out of the classroom. With calendars, resource folders, blogs, quizzes, and assignment dropboxes, it's feature-rich, and easy to use. This service can also be accessed under the QUICKLINKS icon at the top right corner of the website.

Finalsite is the place where teachers will post to class calendars, allow students to turn in assignments, participate in discussions, or access links or videos necessary to complete homework or projects.

Currently, only students have access to the Finalsite. They have been given account passwords and they can visit the Tech Office anytime during school to have their account passwords reset if necessary.

Digital Resources Guide

I need to see my grades

Visit Infinite Campus to view grades

I need to see class files

Class files can be found under "My Groups" in Finalsite

I want to take notes on my Mac or portable device

Evernote is the recommended note taking app. It is available in the App Store on your Mac and iPhone or in the Play Store for Android devices.

I want to work on a Word Document, Spreadsheet, or Presentation for class

To work on word documents and presentations, use the PioneerApps drive or the Apple iWorks applications (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)

I want to collaborate on a shared document

PioneerApps Drive is the only app that allows you to work on documents together with firends and classmates.

I want to H-M specific tasks on the computers (printing, passwords, tech help)

Start with the "Student Technology Resources" group in Finalsite. Stop by the Tech room if you need extra help.

I want to learn more about Keynote, Pages, PioneerApps, Evernote, etc. is a fantastic online resource with thousands of videos and training courses on every software you can think of. It is made avaiable free to ALL Hill-Murray students.

Get in-person help with my computer and other online resources.

See someone in either the Tech Office or the LMC for help with any of your tech questions. Our friendly staff would love to help you along the way!

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