Pioneer Traditions

At Hill-Murray, we have a number of long-standing Pioneer Traditions that we celebrate each year. Whether you’re just starting at Hill-Murray or you’ve been here for years, these are the fun moments and events you’ll remember.



Cheer on the Pioneers as students, parents, grandparents, alumni and other fans gather for the big game.
Find out which class cheers the loudest at the pepfest; meet the Homecoming King, Queen and their court;
get your Homecoming button; or meet your friends at the big bonfire.



Enjoy the annual costume contest and dress up with group costumes, or pick your favorite solo costume.


father-daughter dance

This special event for dads and daughters includes a social hour, dinner and a dance. Some dads accompany
multiple daughters, attendees have their photos taken, and everyone enjoys getting the dads on the dance floor.



Need a bit of mid-winter fun? Get your Sno-Daze button, try your hand at the snow sculpture contest, get in on the action
of the broomball tournament and save a dance for someone special.

Christmas Party

christmas party

Each year, the Hill-Murray senior class hosts a special Christmas party for kids in need, complete with pizza,
presents and a visit from Santa.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents day

On this special day, Grandparents join their grandchildren at a prayer service in the morning, share presentation and
a light breakfast with them, and then get a guided tour of the school from their grandchildren.

Ma & Pa Pioneer

ma & pa pioneer

The two most spirited and outgoing students in their class dress up as our mascots, Ma and Pa Pioneer, helping to lead
cheers at all the games while in full pioneer dress.

Senior Pole

senior pole

Meet a friend and make some memories at this Hill-Murray landmark. The Senior Pole is a hub of activity in main hall.