Flexible Learning

Hill-Murray School follows a hybrid schedule, meaning longer class periods but fewer class periods each day. We have built-in study time, as well as opportunities for students to complete homework assignments, re-take tests, collaborate with each other on projects, consult with teachers or get assistance from The Nicholas Center.

With Hill-Murray’s rigorous academic programs and wide variety of athletics and other cocurricular activities, we know that students often have commitments from early in the morning until late at night. The hybrid schedule is designed to alleviate some of the stress associated with a rigorous and demanding schedule, and gives you more flexibility during the school day to do research, study, work with others and get assignments done. Interested in learning more about the Hybrid Schedule? Please contact us.

Flexible Learning Spaces

With our hybrid schedule, our school needed additional flexible learning spaces for students to study, do research, meet with groups on projects and get help from teachers or peers. We introduced the Innovation Center this year, and we are planning significant renovations for the Library/Media Center next year, as well as the addition of another Flex Room in the near future.

Library / Media center (LMC)

The Hill-Murray School Library Media Center (LMC) is designed to encourage students to develop a lifelong love of learning. We will renovate the LMC this year, making it possible for students to explore literature, learn effective research skills, use information, data and ideas in all formats accurately and responsibly, and build their 21st century learning skills.

innovation center

Hill-Murray School’s Innovation Center is dedicated to giving students the ability to engage with and explore cutting-edge technologies. Coding courses are offered through this space, with curriculum including application workflow development, user-experience design (UX Design), Java, Python and C# coding, 3D modelling, CAD development, and high-end virtual reality application game design.

The room and its resources are available across academic departments and software has been selected that can easily integrate with curriculum across the school, including virtual reality simulations and experiential learning. The furniture and overall design of the room allow it to become a flexible learning space and a great space for collaborative group projects.

the flex room

Designed with flexibility in mind, this learning space makes it easy for student desks to quickly be moved from a typical classroom arrangement into group work clusters. The walls are painted with a special coating that allows them to be written on with dry-erase markers, making it an excellent location for group learning projects and functional collaboration space. Many of the concepts that have been proven in this space have influenced the design of future classrooms and collaborative spaces around the rest of the school.