The President's Blog

It's State Fair Time!
Jim Hansen


The State Fair always means fall is right around the corner and school is starting!

The Minnesota State Fair works hard every year to find new foods and attractions that will drive attendance records. We are proud to announce that Hill-Murray has also had another year of record attendance! Our 9th grade class this year will be the largest we have experienced in over a decade; we have a waiting list for grades 6, 7, and 8; and we are the only private school in the state of Minnesota to have our fifth straight year of enrollment increases.

While the Fair is inventing new foods on a stick to improve their customer experience, we spent all year researching and building new curriculum offerings that will drive student learning. Teachers visited civil war sites, attended seminars and purchased new teaching tools. They had a relaxing summer break and begin the school year ready to share their energy and passion for learning with our students.

We have made building improvements this year as well! We have renovated nine classrooms on the garden level; we built a new International Center; and refreshed the Campus Ministry office. All these improvements provide additional spaces for formal and informal learning.

Everyone has their favorite State Fair memories. My dad loved to visit the horse barn and every year he told me how the Clydesdale horses reminded him of the wagon that would deliver milk to their house when he was a kid. Now when I visit the barn, it reminds me of him.

I hope that all our students have their favorite memory of Hill-Murray as well! I hope they look back and remember Hill-Murray fondly because they were part of the Aquaponics club, played soccer, started a new Drone racing team or developed a 3D game. I hope they remember they were challenged in the classroom and they understand the importance of giving back to the community.

I know these students, like the 60 years of classes that have gone before them, will make substantial contributions to our world and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

So welcome back to another year at Hill-Murray and I hope you make it to the Fair!