The President's Blog

Archdiocese Settlement
Jim Hansen

It is with mixed emotions that we read the announcement that the Archdiocese has reached a tentative settlement with the victims of abuse. We are satisfied that the victims' stories have been heard, the wounds dressed and a process for healing and prevention is in place.

In the settlement news stories, it was reported that the increased amount offered by the Archdiocese included additional contributions from parishes and schools.

We have been asked: “Was Hill-Murray included in that settlement?”

The answer is “No.” No funds from Hill-Murray School or the Foundation are part of the settlement. As we have communicated in the past, Hill-Murray was not a charged participant in either the abuse charges or the bankruptcy case. The Hill-Murray Foundation re-purchased the land and building from the Monastery over ten years ago and at that time the Archdiocese contributed its minority share to the Foundation.

We continue to keep the victims and their families in our prayers.