We invite you to join the Fathers Club or Mothers Club and get involved in the Hill-Murray community. This is a great way to socialize and get to know other H-M parents, network, learn more about the school and participate in projects that benefit the students of Hill-Murray.

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All current and former Hill-Murray dads are invited to join the Hill-Murray Fathers Club!

We believe in…

  • Hill-Murray School, its students and our community
  • Creating a strong relationship between Hill-Murray parents, faculty, and administration
  • The ideals of Catholic Education
  • The shared responsibilities between parents and teachers in a student’s education
  • Promoting educational and social activities that benefit Hill-Murray School
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John Reardon | President | johnfreardon@comcast.net

Bob Lawrence | Present Elect | plumbready@gmail.com

Mario Mariani | Past President | mariokaymariani@msn.com

Gino Monico | Secretary | gnomic@comcast.net

Brent Gallivan | Assistant Secretary | brent@gallivancs.com

Tom McFadden | Treasurer | mcfadden21@outlook.com

Dave Faust | Assistant Treasurer | dfaust@platinumbankmn.com

Mark Lambert | Vice President | mlambert@summitre.net

Steve Roeske | Vice President | sroeske@sunrayplumbing.com

Dan Sletten | Vice President | danslet@yahoo.com

Kevin Sutton | Director of Communications | kevin@yourhappyhome.com

Chris Zupfer | Faculty Liaison | czupfer@hill-murray.org

Mothers Club logo

We invite all women who support the school to join the Hill-Murray Mothers Club!

Whether you are a staff member, faculty or alumni; past, present or future H-M mother, stepmother or guardian, you’ll have a great time getting involved with this dynamic group of women.

We invite you to support our sponsor.

They are open for Takeout!

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Heather Bacchus | President

Melani Hause | Vice President

Maria Hanggi | Secretary

Angela Medina | Treasurer