ACT Prep Classes Starting Soon!

ACT Prep Classes Starting Soon!
ACT Prep Class Jan 13 - Mar 21:

The cost is $250 for the ACT Prep Class and the ACT Prep book is included in the class fees. H-M faculty typically are the instructors for the class. More information is listed below.

Here is more information on the 9 weeks of ACT Prep classes prior to the April ACT Exam:
Monday Evenings - 6pm-7:30pm — H-M Staff / Faculty Lounge
Week 1 Monday, January 13 -Introduction; survey of the book, tutorials, tests/answers, and helpful hints. (Reading)
Week 2 Monday, January 27 English-Reading
Week 3 Monday, February 3 English
Week 4 Monday, February 10 English
Week 5 Monday, February 24 Math
Week 6 Monday, March 2 Math
Week 7 Monday, March 9 Science
Week 8 Monday, March 16 Science
*Week 9 Saturday, March 21st Practice Test - 7am - 11am
*ACT Test Saturday April 4th 8am - 12pm

This follows the same delivery as we offer in the summer - 9 sessions prior to the actual ACT exam. You will need to log in to to register for the April exam.