At Hill-Murray, we consider our instrumental program as a family. We invite you to explore a variety of instrumental music opportunities staffed by directors who are specialists and professional performers themselves. We give students the attention and instruction needed to be successful musicians. Take advantage of coaching in small-group sectionals and our after-school private lesson program for further individualized instruction and advancement of instrumental techniques.

Music classes at Hill-Murray encourage you develop a life-long appreciation for music as you practice, perform and serve the community. Enjoy the experience of performing with a team and contribute to the arts.

Middle School Band

If your student would like to continue playing an instrument or try a new instrument, the Middle School Band offers a great opportunity to learn basic technique, read music and practice performing with a large group. No audition is required.

Concert Band

We invite high school students to play in the Concert Band, which performs several concerts throughout the year, and has required Marching Band and Pep Band units which practice during the regular scheduled band classes. No audition is required.

Symphonic Band

If you are an experienced student and would like a more advanced band experience, the Symphonic Band is a performing ensemble that explores and performs many different styles of music at several concerts, as well as area music festivals, and has required Marching Band and Pep Band units which practice during the regular scheduled band classes. An audition is required.

Honors Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is available as a college prep, honors class for grades 11 and 12. We encourage motivated and capable students to register for this advanced band experience, which includes private lesson instruction, required tutoring to younger musicians or a music project, and has required Marching Band and Pep Band units which practice during the regular scheduled band classes. An audition is required.


If you play a string instrument, you’re invited to join the Hill-Murray Orchestra. This performing ensemble, open to students in grades 6 through 12, learns a variety of music and performs several concerts throughout the year. No audition is required.

Advanced Placement Music Theory

If you’re in grade 11 or 12 and would like to take a music class for AP credit, you can register for the AP Music Theory Class, which covers a wide range of music education. You can also take the Advanced Placement Examination in Music Theory offered each spring.

There are several instrumental music cocurricular activities to choose from at Hill-Murray, ranging from small ensembles to specialty groups.

Jazz Band

If you play the alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, guitar, or drums, we invite you to participate in the High School Jazz Band. This ensemble, performs at multiple events throughout the school year. An audition is required for the high school level jazz ensemble.
For Middle School Jazz Band, we accept all instruments (both non-traditional and traditional jazz instruments) and the group will perform at multiple events throughout the school year. No audition is required.

Pep Band

All Band students in grades 9-12 participate in Pep Band, which performs at sporting events and other events. Pep Band is a good opportunity to make some new friends, have fun, enjoy the game, and be part of a group that sounds great. No audition is required.

Marching Band

All Band students in grades 9-12 participate in the Marching Band, which performs at the Homecoming football game, an indoor concert and other events. No audition is required.

Flute Choir

Whether flute is your primary instrument or a second instrument, we encourage you to participate in Flute Choir. We perform throughout the year at concerts and special events at school and in the community. This ensemble is open to students in grades 6 through 12 and no audition is required.

Rock Band

If you’re a high school student interested in performing rock music, we invite you to sign up for Rock Band. This performing ensemble provides entertainment for various school events. No audition is required.

Music Ministry

If you are a high school student and you would like to lead and perform music for school Masses, we encourage you to explore Music Ministry. The Campus Ministry Department chooses student musicians to perform.

Pit Orchestra for Theatre

Some of the Theatre department’s productions call for a pit orchestra or other musicians – we encourage high school students to audition for productions, with positions selected by the Theatre teaching staff.

In addition to concerts and other performances at Hill-Murray and throughout the Twin Cities, band members have the opportunity to go on tour, earn a Varsity letter or award, and take on leadership roles.

Band Tours

One of the most exciting parts of our program, in addition to performances throughout the year, is theopportunity to travel and perform. Our concert band has traveled to Florida to perform at Disney World and Hawaii to perform at the Pearl Harbor Memorial and USS Missouri.

Student Leadership Opportunities

There are multiple opportunities for student leadership in the band program, including: Drum Majors, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Event Coordinator, and many more. The Directors choose some leadership positions and others are elected by the band students.

Varsity Letters & Awards

All students in grades 6-12 can earn a Varsity letter through band. Varsity letters along with other awards, plaques, and special recognition are presented at the end-of-the-year band banquet.