Campus Ministry

The purpose of the Hill-Murray Campus Ministry department is to support students in their journey of faith, through sacramental celebrations and prayer services, pastoral care, peer ministry, prayer and service opportunities. Campus Ministers, the school Chaplain, and our Religious Studies department work together toward fulfilling our school strategic plan and school mission regarding living out the Gospel call.

Sacramental Celebration / Prayer Services

All-school Mass and Prayer services are an important part of the Hill-Murray experience. We gather regularly as a school community for vibrant worship lead by our Chaplain and student leaders called Peer Ministers. Prayer experiences are designed to reach our students where they are and give them a sense of communion with God and with one another. Our worship schedule reflects the Liturgical calendar, giving our students opportunities to receive the sacraments and experience the seasons of the Church.

Mass Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we offer Mass?

Because Mass is the source and summit of our Catholic Faith, offering Mass during the week gives us an opportunity to reflect on the Word of God, to adore Jesus in the Eucharist and to participate in the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

How often do we offer Mass?

Mass is offered daily for students, families and members of the Hill-Murray community and monthly for the entire student body and guests. Mass times are listed on the website, posters around school, and the Campus Ministry bulletin board.

Who participates in the Mass and prayer services?

The entire community gathers for prayer as a sign of our desire to grow closer to God and one another.Our prayer incorporates our rich Catholic tradition and at same time is respectful and sensitive to those who are of other traditions and backgrounds.We invite each person to spiritual growth in his or her life journey.Parents and alumni are welcome to join us for prayer.

What if students are interested in additional opportunities to explore and deepen their faith?

There are regular opportunities to participate in Morning Prayer, Mass, Adoration, Service Events, Mission Trips and other various faith-learning events throughout the year. Contact the Campus Ministry office for further details.

What if I'm not Catholic?

All are welcome to attend Mass to receive God’s Word in the Scriptures and to pray together. Even as we seek Christian unity, other Christian denominations have different beliefs about the Eucharist / Communion. Out of respect for those differences, non-Catholics and Catholics who are not prepared to receive Communion are asked to come forward for a blessing.

Do you provide instruction for non-Catholics regarding Mass?

Mass is explained in greater detail during the classes on Sacraments and Liturgy, but also before the first all-school Mass every year and at other opportunities throughout the school year.


Hill-Murray students have a unique opportunity to go on retreats, setting time aside to encounter the Lord in a deeper way, grow in faith and grow in our desire to serve our neighbor. Retreats typically include the celebration of Mass, songs of praise and worship, reflections and guided discussions from the Campus Ministry team, team-building exercises and small group discussions led by Peer Ministers. Each grade goes on one retreat during the school year, and there are additional options during the summer for Peer Ministers, the Service team, and other groups.

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministry is a group a students who have heard the call to faith leadership and have come forward to lead. These students have a passion for sharing their faith in Christ, and through their training in ministry skills, they encourage others in their own walk of faith. They assist at Mass, share their faith on retreats, lead service outings, and provide leadership during their daily activities. Sophomores and juniors apply for Peer Ministry in the spring and are selected based upon their application and an interview with a Campus Ministry leader.

Pastoral Care

The Campus Ministry office is a safe place for students when they need support from a trusted, caring adult. Campus Ministers can connect students with other resources that might be helpful such as a prayer book, an opportunity to serve in the community, or a referral to a religious counselor who might be helpful.

Prayers of Intention

We invite you to submit a prayer request on behalf of someone who needs help or is hurting. Their name will be added to the prayer book in the Hill-Murray Chapel.