Link Crew

Link Crew is a national organization devoted to creating a smooth transition from middle school to high school for all students. Hill-Murray upperclass students are “linked” in pairs with a small group of 10-12 freshmen (called a Link Crew) for one year. The student leaders (called Link Leaders) plan and participate in freshman orientation, as well as various social, academic, and service follow-ups with their freshmen Link Crews.

Link Crew’s mission is to provide a safe, friendly and positive year-long transition program for all freshmen as they enter high school. It encourages freshmen to get involved in the Hill-Murray community right away, and to provide opportunities for student leadership to upperclassmen as Link Leaders.

Leaders connect with their Link Crews throughout the academic year in a variety of ways, such as social events (bonfire, attendance at sporting events, dances), academic follow-up sessions and service opportunities.