Have questions about attending Hill-Murray? We’re here to help.

How can I get involved as a new Middle School student?

As you transition into Middle School, Hill-Murray makes it easy to meet other students and get involved. Our W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs) group helps middle school students adjust to life at Hill-Murray starting with Orientation Day, and then they plan a number of social events to help you meet lifelong friends.

How can I get involved as a new High School student?

Hill-Murray makes it easy to transition into high school with help from LINK leaders, upperclass students who work with a group of 10-12 high school freshmen, planning and participating in freshman orientation, as well as various social, academic, and service follow-ups throughout the year.

Is there a way for me to meet other students and parents who are new to Hill-Murray?

Yes! We plan several New Family Experiences, including picnics, socials and more to help you get to know other students and parents.

Is it easy to make friends at Hill-Murray?

Starting a new school is always a challenge, but we know how important it is to make friends, and we’ve helped thousands of Hill-Murray students meet lifelong friends here. We work hard to help students make connections, and groups like W.E.B. and LINK Crew provide a lot of positive support to help new students get comfortable, meet people and get involved.

Do a lot of kids participate in cocurricular activities?

Yes, at Hill-Murray, over 90% of students participate in at least one cocurricular activity. You can explore many activities, athletic opportunities, arts opportunities and more as part of a well-rounded school experience.

Where do I buy the school uniform?

School uniforms can be purchased at Donald's Uniform or at the Hill-Murray Uniform Sale. For a complete overview of the uniform policy, please review the Student Handbook.