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At Hill-Murray, we work to make a premiere education affordable for all of our students and families, and we encourage you to apply, regardless of your financial means. Although we are not able to fully meet every request for financial aid, we provide tuition assistance and scholarships based on both merit and need.

2018-2019 Tuition

Grades 9-12: $13,760
Grade 8: $11,495
Grade 7: $9,495
Grade 6: $7,495

Activity Fees, Technology Fees & Other Costs

There is a $500 enrollment fee per student due at the time of enrollment for new students. Returning students will be billed the enrollment fee on their tuition account each spring. A $125 per semester technology fee will be charged to students in grades 9-12, and a $25 per semester technology fee will be charged to students in grades 6-8. Students participating in athletics or other cocurricular activities are also required to pay a participation fee, and all students are also responsible for purchasing school uniforms.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

To determine tuition assistance, Hill-Murray school considers a family’s demonstrated need, which is the difference between what a family can reasonably be expected to pay and the cost of tuition. We use guidelines established by the school and TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) when considering applications for assistance. Tuition assistance applications for 2018-2019 are being accepted and evaluated based upon completion date and funds available.

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One out of three Hill-Murray students receive some type of tuition assistance each year. The average scholarship is $2,000, and Hill-Murray awards approximately $1.2 million in scholarships annually. You can review all available tuition assistance and scholarships by clicking on the button below.

Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are no longer being accepted. Tuition assistance and scholarship applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available in the fall of 2018.


The Pioneer Foundation for the Performing Arts is an organization independent of Hill-Murray School. It provides a programs for volunteers seeking additional opportunities for tuition assistance grants. These grants for both Hill-Murray students and students enrolled at other schools, provide significant funds for families who wish to volunteer their time and talents. It’s easy to learn how your family can take advantage of these programs.

Pioneer Foundation: Bonnie Nelson 651-303-9515

Tuition Assistance & Scholarship Booklet

Tuition Assistance frequently asked questions

Get answers to your questions about Tuition Assistance and Scholarships, including how to apply for aid, what you need to complete your application and more.

What information do I need to have ready in order to apply?

Families must submit a copy of their 2016 Federal Income Tax Forms (1040) as well as a copy of all 2015 W-2 and 1099 forms directly to TADS.

Who has access to my application information?

All tuition assistance applications and grant awards are completely confidential. Hill-Murray uses the services of TADS (Tuition and Data Services) to process tuition assistance applications.

When will I find out what my family has been awarded?

Tuition assistance award notifications are sent in mid-February. The student must be accepted before Hill-Murray can issue an award.

What does tuition cover for Hill-Murray students?

Tuition covers approximately 90% of the cost of an education at Hill-Murray. The remainder is covered through fundraisers such as the Annual Fund and the Pioneer Premier Auction.

What is tuition assistance?

Tuition assistance is need-based. The amount of tuition assistance awarded is based on the demonstrated financial need of a family. “Demonstrated financial need” is the difference between the cost of tuition at Hill-Murray School and the amount a family can be expected to pay toward that tuition.

How do I apply for tuition assistance?

Applications are online at Cost to apply is $34.00, paid to TADS.

Who may apply for tuition assistance?

Anyone who is interested in attending Hill-Murray School may apply for tuition assistance; however, only students who have been accepted to Hill-Murray School can receive tuition assistance.

How do you determine how much a family can pay?

To consider individual students for tuition assistance fairly, we assess each family’s financial situation with the help of the Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) used by schools throughout the United States. Every family applying for aid completes an online application at TADS calculates what the family can pay and sends the information to Hill-Murray School. Hill-Murray uses the TADS calculation as a guide, but is free to make its own adjustments and recalculations in determining the amount of tuition assistance.

Is there a tuition discount or more assistance available for families with multiple students attending Hill-Murray or other tuition-paying schools?

Families with multiple students typically receive more tuition assistance. Be sure to include all children on your application, including those in college or other secondary schools.

How do I receive the tuition assistance awarded to me?

Tuition assistance award notifications are sent in mid-February. The student must be accepted before Hill-Murray can issue an award. You will have two weeks to enroll your student and sign your tuition agreement, indicating you are accepting the award and will be attending Hill-Murray in the fall.

What happens if I have special family circumstances?

When looking at the needs of families applying for aid, Hill-Murray School considers the financial circumstances of both parents/guardians. Therefore, in the case of separated or divorced parents, both parents/guardians are asked to fill out a TADS form. If either parent has remarried, the school also considers the financial circumstances of the stepparent, always bearing in mind the obligation of that stepparent to his or her natural children, if any. Please feel free to contact the Business Office if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.

Is tuition assistance automatically renewed each year? How often do I have to re-apply?

Because financial circumstances change, we require all families to re-apply for tuition assistance each year. However, the school makes every effort to continue financial support of families requiring aid.

What are scholarships?

Scholarships are based on need or merit. Scholarship award amounts and distribution dates vary.

Who may apply for scholarships?

Anyone that is interested in attending Hill-Murray School and those that fit a particular scholarship’s criteria may apply. Students must be accepted to Hill-Murray School in order receive a scholarship.

How do I apply for a Hill-Murray scholarship?

Scholarship Application Booklets with application forms are available in the Hill-Murray Admissions and Main Offices. Scholarship applications may require the completion of an essay on a particular topic, and the essay may be used for more than one scholarship application if appropriate to the topic. Letters of recommendation and transcripts are not required for scholarship applications. Please note that applications that are submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The deadline for all scholarship applications is January 18, 2018. Please contact Shawn Illgen at 651-748-2420 for more information.

How do I receive the scholarship awarded to me?

Scholarship award notifications are mailed in mid-February. You will have two weeks to enroll your student and return a thank you letter, indicating that you are accepting the scholarship award and will be attending Hill-Murray in the fall.

Are scholarships automatically renewed each year?

All students must reapply each year. Some scholarships are renewable, but please note that students also must re-apply for renewable scholarships each year.

Is there a discount if I pay tuition early?

Yes. If you choose to pay the entire year’s tuition within two weeks of acceptance, you will receive a discount. Families who choose to prepay in this manner are ineligible for tuition assistance.

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