Learning another language will help you become more aware of the world and your place in it. When students study a second language, they tend to score higher on standardized tests such as the SAT, and that they tend to be more creative, better at solving complex problems, and have a deeper understanding of their own language and culture. Language ability also gives you life-long enjoyment by making leisure travel easier and more interesting.

At Hill-Murray, you may begin with an Exploring World Languages Class in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade to learn more about each language and the culture in which it is spoken. Starting in eighth grade, you can choose to study Spanish or French.

In High School World Language classes, you’ll gain the skills needed to write, read, listen, and speak either French or Spanish through authentic, real-world scenarios and encounters. Our program includes audio and video experiences with native speakers, as well as collaborative group activities and special projects to help you build language proficiency. World Language students often enjoy participating in the French Club or Spanish Club, and there are annual opportunities for class trips to French- or Spanish-speaking countries.

Placement Evaluation

Students who are new to Hill-Murray will automatically be registered for Level 1 of Spanish or French.

If you feel you’re ready to take a higher level of French, please contact the World Language department chair directly for French placement.

If you feel you’re ready to take a higher level of Spanish, you should register for and take the Spanish Placement evaluation to determine whether you have the necessary foundation in Spanish grammar and vocabulary to be successful in an upper level of Spanish class at Hill-Murray.

Language classes that are level IV and V are Honors level and the target language is spoken almost exclusively. Thematic units, emphasizing authentic materials and literature, form the basic curriculum for most of the Honors level classes.

Taking French or Spanish in College

After completing Honors French and Honors Spanish courses, students find high levels of success on college entrance and placement exams. Since colleges have different policies and requirements, we strongly recommend that you research your chosen college’s language entrance requirements and language placement exams.