As you study history, government, geography, civics, and economics at Hill-Murray, you’ll see how historical and current events
shape the world in which we live. In these Social Studies classes, we examine connections between the past and the present,
developing critical thinking skills in a variety of learning situations.

The Middle School Social Studies curriculum will provide a foundation of historical knowledge and academic skills so you can begin to see connections between the past and present. In sixth grade, we examine ancient civilizations, while seventh and eighth-grade classes undertake an in-depth examination of United States History.

In High School Social Studies, you’ll develop critical reading and thinking skills and learn to apply distinct approaches to research and writing. Tenth graders take World History, and then U.S. History in eleventh and U.S. Government and Economics in twelfth grade. In addition to Honors level courses, the Social Studies Department offers multiple College In the Schools (CIS) courses open to qualifying juniors and seniors. Students in all grades can pursue their interests through diverse elective offerings, ranging from World Geography to courses in Psychology and Foreign Policy.