At Hill-Murray, your mathematics classes will give you an understanding of fundamental skills and concepts. We focus on problem-solving, mathematical reasoning and communication of mathematical ideas. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions, explore mathematics using various tools and technology, recognize the growing importance of mathematics in everyday situations, and develop higher-order thinking skills to prepare for college and beyond.

As you begin taking middle school mathematics, you’ll have an opportunity to take Math, Pre-algebra, or Algebra, and you may test into a class above your grade level. All incoming middle school students are invited to take a placement test to determine which class they will take their first year.

As you enroll at Hill-Murray High School, you’ll take a placement test to determine which class you will take your first year. There are three levels of math in high school: Regular, Advanced, and Honors. Math classes are not tied to a grade level; rather, you’ll start in the class determined by the placement exam and continue to take higher-level classes based on your performance. If you need additional help with math, there are strategic study labs and support available through The Nicholas Center.