Developing your vocabulary, improving your writing skills, and elevating your reading comprehension are key components of the language arts and literature classes you’ll take at Hill-Murray. Our classes are designed to strengthen all aspects of language arts and we are dedicated to helping each student practice skills essential for life outside of school, including reading perceptively, writing and speaking clearly, and thinking analytically. We also focus on developing a lifelong love of reading.

As you study language arts and literature in Middle School, you’ll learn fundamental reading, writing, literature, and communication skills, build study skills and refine your composition skills. English classes in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade help you to become an independent reader, writer and thinker as you analyze folk tales, modern stories, poetry, short stories, dramas, and novels.

Read world literature ranging from poetry and short stories to the classics and modern novels. Learn grammar directly and indirectly through literature and writing, and improve your writing skills with composition units that focus on everything from five-paragraph essays and impactful paragraphs to college application essays and insightful research papers. In addition to all of these essential elements, you’ll learn study skills, oral presentation, and test-taking skills that will prepare you for college and beyond.

Hill-Murray English teachers work closely with high school students and can provide extra help with writing as needed. Advanced Placement (AP) and College In the Schools (CIS) classes are available for eleventh and twelfth graders, with CIS classes offering the opportunity for college credit.