Develop technology skills and learn about entrepreneurship as you explore the world of business. Apply your creativity to business plans, see what it takes to start and manage a small business, and explore marketing for different types of businesses.


Explore our Entrepreneurial Academy Pathway, which includes the opportunity to gain experience with career exploration, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, accounting, and international business. This pathway offers courses that will introduce you to advanced business topics, develop your interpersonal and problem-solving skills by working with collaborative teams.

In Middle School, students can take an introductory course on basic business and marketing concepts. Students will explore business opportunities and create their own virtual business, exploring financial concepts, consumer needs and wants, and the concept of risk.

Explore business management, finance, accounting, sales, and marketing with Hill-Murray Business classes. Courses will help you understand how to formulate a business plan, develop and manage a small business, handle business and personal finances, and how to market, advertise, and sell products and ideas.