Pioneer Stories

What is it like to attend Hill-Murray? Find out from our current students and picture yourself as a Pioneer!

Anthony, Class of 2019

Hill Murray Girls

Hill-Murray is different because every student works hard and is 100% dedicated to their education.
Hill-Murray feels like my second home!

Delaney, Class of 2020

Hill Murray Girls

Classes at Hill-Murray are small and everyone is always open to hear my opinions and ideas.

Joe, Class of 2018

Hill Murray Girls

I feel respected at Hill-Murray because no matter what I say I am given respect for it—there is no judging. We are all friends and we have respect for each other.

Gianni, Class of 2022

Hill Murray Girls

I play Junior Pioneers Hockey and Soccer and I've made great friends! Everyone looks out for each other here.

Bomi, Class of 2020

Hill Murray Girls

I feel loved at Hill-Murray because I have great friends and caring teachers. Everyone is so supportive.

Luke, Class of 2022

Hill Murray Girls
The staff and teachers at Hill-Murray do so much for the school to make it a great place for us. They are always happy to help you with anything you need.

Tony, Class of 2018

Hill Murray Girls
No matter where I go - the admissions office, the business office -they always know me. I never thought I would be known by all these people - it makes me feel great!

Maddie, Class of 2023

Hill Murray Girls
We are all friends at Hill-Murray - everyone knows who I am and people aren't mean to each other.