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We believe that every day is full of opportunities at Hill-Murray. Whether our students are playing the saxophone in the jazz band rehearsal, practicing basketball skills for an upcoming game or helping a classmate understand a Social Studies chapter -- they find ways to get involved, to be engaged and to give of themselves. More than 90 percent of our students are involved in at least one cocurricular activity. We encourage our students to reach out and try new activities. Balancing rigorous coursework and school activities, along with home, church and community commitments is challenging. But, by "giving it all'' each day, our students learn a sense of balance that stays with them long after they leave Hill-Murray.

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Ambassador Club

The Hill-Murray Ambassador Club is an enthusiastic and welcoming group of student leaders in grades 6-12 who work closely with the Admissions and Development Office. Based on their intimate knowledge of what it is like to be a Hill-Murray student, Ambassadors play a key role in providing information to families who are exploring Hill-Murray School as their next educational option.
Student Ambassadors host visiting prospective students on school days, attend grade school recruiting visits, accompany the admissions staff to events, help give tours at open houses and alumni events, and call prospective students.

Student Ambassadors offer their time and talents to better our school and our community.  Whether welcoming back H-M alumni for luncheons and tours, or sharing the excitement of a Hill-Murray education to future Pioneer students and their families, Student Ambassadors make sure each individual feels welcomed in Christ.  Students develop leadership, public speaking, and interpersonal skills while volunteering at numerous Hill-Murray and local parish school events.  Their Christian values are displayed through their actions with the families they welcome into Hill-Murray and in the relationships they foster within our community.

Applications for 2017-2018 school year are DUE: Friday, September 22nd to Mr. Belde by 2:45.

Aquaponics Club

Aquaponics Club is new in 2016!  Aquaponics is an integrated ecosystem of aquatic animals and hydroponically grown plants.  The waste produced by the fish supplies nutrients for the plants, which in turn purify the water for the fish.  The Aquaponics Club is responsible for the set-up and maintenance of five aquaponics systems that are housed in the Science Department classrooms.  Working in small groups, students are responsible for a single system, which includes setting up the tank, adding fish, and planting seeds.  They continue to monitor the water quality and the growth of the plants and the fish throughout the year.  Students develop leadership skills working together to troubleshoot problems and learn about this important form of sustainable agriculture.

Band - Pep, Marching, Jazz, Flute Choir, and more!

We are one big "band family" that has fun, works hard, and plays well!  We also travel and participate in many fun and educational opportunitites such as All-Conference Band, Solo/Ensemble Contests, large group band competitions, jazz festivals, and perform at the Target Center, Xcel Energy Center, and the Mall of America. Each of our band courses meets for one class period every school day and the students are supported by having small group instruction on their instrument during their regular scheduled band class.  For a full list of our courses and cocurricular offerings, click the link below. 
Learn more about our band program

Breakfast Book Club

From Persepolis and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to The Martian, the Breakfast Book Club feasts on an eclectic range of literature. The BBC is an ideal cocurricular activity for both someone just becoming excited about great literature and the avid reader who consumes every new bestseller.  It's everyone's chance to offer their ideas about a book, and to listen to what others have gleaned from what they've read.  And, all of this with bagels or another breakfast treat. Open to students in grades 9-12, the Breakfast Book Club could be just what you need to get your brain functioning at quantum speed, right away in the morning. 

BBC supports the Hill-Murray mission by keeping in mind Christian values, life-long learning, academic excellence, spiritual growth and social development when choosing titles and during the discussion of titles. 



This year we will be reading:


October 13, 2016: Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse. Science Fiction

December 9, 2016: Bluescreen by Dan Wells. Science Fiction noir, BK 1 in a new series

Jan. 27, 2017:  The Flicker Men by Ted Kosmatka. Action, Adventure

March 3, 2017:  The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. Classic Young Adult Realistic Fiction

April 28, 2017:  Symphony for the City of the Dead: Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad by M.T. Anderson.



C.A.R.E. Caring And Responsive Empowerment

C.A.R.E.’s mission is: “Teens making positive choices while empowering others to do the same.”
C.A.R.E. is the peer empowerment group at Hill-Murray with a goal of promoting healthy choices. The group sponsors several activities throughout the school year around the topics of overall wellness, healthy relationships, safe driving and avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  

The group is open to students in grades 9-12 and meets on Tuesday mornings periodically throughout the school year.

Accomplishments of the group include:
  • Helping bring canine drug detection to our school.
  • Supporting the use of alco-blows at all school dances.
Highlights of some of our activities include:
  • The Grim Reaper visiting during Red Ribbon Week.
  • Promoting wellness in the areas of nutrition, physical health, mental health, stress reduction, and healthy relationships during Wellness Week.
  • Buzz-Free Prom promotion for juniors and seniors is held during our Safe Driving Campaign.
  • Sponsoring a "Mock Crash" for High School students.

Co-advisors for the group are : Lisa Valentine and Melissa Dabbs

Cheer Team

We've got spirit yes we do, we've got spirit how 'bout you!


The Hill-Murray Cheer Team is a group of students who encourage students to take part in enthusiastic and high spirited pep rallies, and promote school spirit by performing at football, boys and girls basketball, and boys and girls hockey games.  They, along with the Hill-Murray Super Fans, demonstrate what it means to be a Pioneer, by coming together as a student body to promote school spirit in a positive manner.


The Cheer Team schedule consists of two practices and one perfomance per week.  For more information, please contact Shawn Illgen or Amy Gutknecht.  


Rah Rah Rah Pioneers!



Choral Group: Pioneer Performers

Students interested in vocal music have opportunities to become involved at Hill-Murray. The choral music program offers elective courses for grades 7-12. The courses focus on vocal technique, musicianship, reading skills, and performance practice.

Students who choose choir in middle school and high school perform throughout the year at school Masses, concerts at Hill-Murray and in venues outside of the school; during concert trips in-state, and at other events/performances. For a full list of our courses and cocurricular offerings, click the link below. 

Learn more about our choir program

Chess Club



          2015 - 2016 Hill-Murray DECA Chapter

            2015-2016 Hill-Murray DECA Video


DECA is an international association of marketing students, which prepares students for the business world.  DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in hospitality, management, marketing and finance.  Through DECA, students have opportunities to develop teamwork skills, become academically prepared, community oriented and professionally responsible.  


At Hill-Murray, the DECA Co-Curricular Club is open to students in grades 9-12.  The Club meets weekly September through January.  The DECA Club has several events throughout the school year, and students are elegible to participate in DECA's competitive events programs.  The annual district competition is held in January.  Finalists continue on to the state competition which is held in March.  State finalists are elegible to attend nationals in April.  DECA provides students with over $300,000 in scholarships at the annual International Career Development Conference.   


DECA's competitive events offer a variety of opportunities for students to succeed.  Students gain valuable skills in many areas when preparing for competitive events.  


Competitive event categories include:


- Interviewing

- Sales Demonstrations

- Role Plays

- Entrepreneurship Business Plans

- Hospitality Presentations

- Sports and Entertainment Marketing Promotion Plans

- Advertising Campaigns

- Personal Finance Events

- Merchandising Promotion Plans

- Community Service Chapter Projects

- Finalcial Literacy Chapter Projects

- Gold Chapter Projects

- Virtual Business Challenges


Hill-Murray DECA  

Love of Learning
Love of learning includes learning in and out of the classroom. DECA members learn valuable communication skills which will help them in their careers.  Students are exposed to a variety of guest speakers on topics such as managing finances and leading a company.  Students are also exposed to business skills through through hands on virtual business simulations and interactive case studies. Members of our DECA Chapter display academic excellence in their preparation for competition. Students may conduct research on entrepreneurship, sports and entertainment marketing, merchandising, hospitality and retail sales.  In addition, students study marketing and management to prepare them for the marketing exam and for careers in business.

Reflection and Development of the Whole Person
Members of DECA develop leadership skills.  Members are motivated to display high moral standards in their business and personal interactions. Values of humility and hospitality are displayed in club activities and events. 


We welcome students from all cultures, faiths and economic backgrounds. Students with unique learning talents and challenges are welcome in DECA.

Service and Character

DECA provides students with opportunities to grow spiritually by offering chances to volunteer.  DECA members are able to share their time, talents and treasure with other students in our chapter, students in the school, and people in the community.  Members also grow socially by helping the poor and vulnerable, as well as teaching elementary students the value of a dollar through DECA's Finalcial Literacy Program.

DECA members have opportunities to interact with students and adults in our community. Students work with alumni, parents and other business professionals to enhance and develop their skills.  DECA members are able to develop professional relationships and begin establishing a network of professional contacts.   


For additional information, contact Kelly Donnelly.


Digital Music Production Club

Digital Music Production is a club open to all students with an interest in creating music/podcasts/recordings and sharing it with our school community.  During the year, students learn the basics of Ableton Live 9 – a versatile professional music production program used by artists and podcast hosts all over the world!  We plan on putting the music we make into a mixtape and playing it at school events throughout the school year. 

No experience is necessary.  We meet every Wednesday (when it is a full school day) after school in room 204 at 2:30 - 3:30, but you may come and go as you are able.  Speak with Mr. Jensen with questions and to be put on the club email list!

French Club

The mission for French Club is to promote the French language, as well as French and francophone culture, to students and the greater community.  French Club is a great opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and appreciation of other cultures.




French Club is open to all students, including those who are not in a French class. To participate, students may simply come to the events and are always welcome to bring other friends along!


French Club plans to host a minimum of 3 activities per semester. Activities may be offered after school or on weekends.  Some of our past activities include: French film nights, going out to a French restaurant for dinner, going to a French play/presentation/art expo, cooking, games, and other social activities. Planning, organizing, and participating in French Week activities are also key components of French Club (French Week is in mid-February, and offers students many opportunities to share the French language and culture in our community! 

Co-Advisors: Melissa Dabbs and Elizabeth Marin

Junior Achievement (J.A.)

Junior Achievement is a Co-Curricular Club for middle school students in grades 6-8.  Junior Achievement offers financial literacy education through J.A. Finance Park.  Finance Park is a fun, creative way for students to learn about managing their finances at an early age.  J.A. empowers students to make a connection between what they learn and how it can be applied in the real world – enhancing the relevance of their learning and increasing their understanding of how to manage their money.


Junior Achievement runs from September through November.  The group meets weekly at Hill-Murray.  There is an all day simulation off site in November.  This allows students to experience first hand how their financial activities apply to the real world.  


For more information, contact Kelly Donnelly

Lego Robotics - Middle School

L.I.F.E (Pro-Life) Club


On Thursday, January 22nd, 2016, students and staff members braved the cold to attend the Prayer Service and March For Life in St. Paul, to show their commitment to promoting a culture of life. 



            L.I.F.E. stands for “Life Is For Everyone” and is also the informal motto of the group, which promotes awareness of ALL life issues, from conception to natural death.

            The L.I.F.E Club aims to expand the conversation on the dignity of life. Our goal is to inspire students to stand up for life and to build a more loving, encouraging, and inspiring community.



L.I.F.E. Mission Statement

We pledge to respect, protect, and promote the sanctity of human life at all stages, from conception to natural death.

We pledge to educate ourselves and our community about right-to-life topics.


We pledge to reach out to those who are struggling with life issues and to provide a space of respectful dialogue.

Past activities have included:  a baby items drive and a baby bottle donations drive, both of which benefited Options for Women East, a local crisis pregnancy counseling center; the Waterfight for Life, which brought in donations for H20 for Life; and L.I.F.E. Week. In addition, L.I.F.E. members have attended the local and national Marches for Life. We’re always looking for more members to help us spread the Pro-Life message. The L.I.F.E. Club is an exciting tradition here at Hill-Murray!  All faculty and staff and all students in grades 6-12 are welcome to join.



Season: All year
Meetings: First and Third Monday of the month at 7:00 A.M.
Grade Range: 6-12 graders

Mrs. Anne McCulloch

Link Crew

Link Crew is a national organization devoted to creating a smooth transition from middle school to high school for all students. Link Crew is a year-long program. It is a leadership program for upperclass students who are ‘linked’ in pairs with a small group of 10-12 freshmen (called a Link Crew) for the year. The student leaders (called Link Leaders) plan and participate in freshman orientation as well as various social, academic, and service follow-ups with their freshmen Link Crews.

Link Crew’s mission is to provide a safe, friendly, positive year-long transition program for all freshmen as they enter high school, to encourage freshmen to get involved in the Hill-Murray community right away, and to provide opportunities for student leadership to upperclassmen as Link Leaders.

Link Crew Membership
Application to participate in Link Crew is open to all students who will be juniors or seniors the following year. From the pool of applicants approximately 50 Link Leaders are selected each year. Students must complete an application for each year they choose to participate in Link Crew. Applicants are screened by faculty and staff and selected by the Link Crew Coordinators. Once selected to be a Link Leader, students must commit to specific training days, orientation day, and a full, active year as a Link Leader.

Link Leaders commit to running the entire freshman orientation program. They also commit to connecting with their Link Crews throughout the academic year in a variety of ways, such as social events (bonfire, attendance at sporting events, dances), academic follow up sessions (held during MP scheduled days) and service opportunities.

Coordinators: Rebecca Fandrich and Sarah Hofkes

Literary Magazine

The Hill-Murray Literary Review Staff creates an annual literary magazine consisting of original student writing and art work.  In alignment with the Hill-Murray Mission, we strive to celebrate the talents of individual writers and artists in our community. All students are encouraged to submit their writing and art work for publication in the magazine.  The Literary Review Staff accepts various types of writing for review, which includes poetry, short stories, rants, perspective writing, and any other forms of creative writing.  All student art work, such as drawings, photography, and paintings, are also eligible for publication in the magazine.

While the student editors for the Literary Review are typically either Junior or Seniors, all interested students are encouraged to inquire about working on the Literary Review Staff in areas of editing, production, creative design, and marketing.  If you are interested in working on the Staff, contact Mr. Larson.

If you would like to submit any of your writing or artwork for review, either e-mail or give a hard copy of your work to Mr. Larson or one of the student editors.

In the Blink of an Eye: 2015-2016 Literary Review (Volume 9)

The Ripple Effect: 2014-2015 Literary Review (Volume 8) 

A Silent Echo: 2013-2014 Literary Review (Volume 7)

Under The Rough: 2012-2013 Literary Review (Volume 6)


Advisor: Pete Larson

Math Team

Hill-Murray has both a high school and a middle school math team. The math team meets weekly to sharpen its mathematical problem solving skills. The team competes in five math meets sponsored by the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League. Schools are organized into divisions of five to ten schools that often are aligned with their athletic conference. Each school has a scoring team with a maximum of eight students, although additional individuals are encouraged to participate. The top scoring high school team, and the top scoring high school students in each division, are invited to the state tournament which is held in March.

Middle School Math Team, Grades 6-8
Season: October-February
Practices: Mondays 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
Chapter competition in February
Advisor: Jennie Sabraski

High School Math Team, Grades 9-12
Season: October - February
Practices: Mondays 2:15 p.m to 3:15 p.m.
Competitions: 5 Meets, 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Advisor: Adam Goehner

For more information on the High School Math Team,
 please click here.

For more information about the Middle School Math Team competition series, please click here.

Mock Trial

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious organizations for high school students. Chapters exist in 75 percent of the nation’s schools and, since 1921, millions of students have been selected for membership. The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in the students of American secondary schools.

To be eligible for membership consideration, students must be a junior and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5, which must be maintained until graduation. Additionally, potential members must meet high standards of leadership and character and have earned at least the Silver Service Award (30 service experiences). Members are selected based on an objective, anonymous process, taking into account the accomplishments of students in the areas of leadership, character, and service. Membership is not automatically extended solely on academic achievement.

Leadership is based on the student’s participation and initiative in promoting school activities; inspiring positive behavior in others; exemplifying a positive attitude; successfully holding school offices or positions of responsibilities; acting as a forerunner in the classroom, at work, and in school or community; and being thoroughly dependable in any responsibility accepted.

To meet the Service requirement, the student will demonstrate a willingness to render service to the school and community by having earned at least the Silver Service Award (30 or more completed service experiences)All completed service experiences must be documented with Campus Ministry at Hill-Murray.

Character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, ethics, honesty and cooperation with students, faculty, and community.

Membership is more than an honor. It carries with it more than certain privileges. It incurs a responsibility to continually demonstrate those outstanding qualities that result in selection. Members of the Hill-Murray chapter of the National Honor Society are required to increase their level of service to the school and community. NHS members serve as role models to their peers while providing additional gifts of service to their school and the larger community.

All 11th grade students who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and have completed 30 or more service experiences by the end of first semester of their junior year will receive a letter in the mail with information on the NHS application process.  Please note that all service experiences must be recorded with Campus Ministry at Hill-Murray.  The NHS Adviser will be using the service records that Campus Ministry provides to compile a list of students eligible to apply for NHS.

NHS Advisor: Pete Larson

Omega Yearbook

This one semester elective course helps students build skills by working in all the areas of yearbook production. It is one of the few "real life" courses that a student can take in high school. The work done results in a tangible product that is purchased by a large number of consumers. The Hill-Murray Omega has a proud, award-winning tradition with a yearbook that is recognized throught the Twin Cities area as a high quality publication.

The course includes units on basic design, photography, and reporting/writing. Students will learn how to recognize and create layout designs; how to plan photos and story angles; how to photograph; how to get the story; how to write stories, headlines, and captions; how to photo and copy edit; how to proof; and how to use the technology needed to publish. In addition, students become familiar with journalism/yearbook terminology, conduct interviews, and learn how to use a variety of cameras. These skills are often used by students well beyond the classroom and often become a cornerstone of work done long after graduation. 

The construction of the yearbook begins in early August when the editors and adviser attend a yearbook design, reporting/writing and photography camp. They create the book's unifying concept and plan the cover, endsheets, opening and closing, and division pages. A theme is determined that becomes the cornerstone of the book throughout the entire process.

During the year, students meet four separate deadlines to ensure the publication of the book. These deadlines again help teach the students real world skills, for the deadlines are especially important to the Hill-Murray yearbook staff, as the book must arrive in spring to be able to be delivered to the seniors. Yearbook is offered at Hill-Murray as a one semester elective, with one class of students per semester. This class is available exclusively to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  The yerbook advisor is Don Pults, you may contact him at or (651)748-2488.


Hill-Murray has started an orchestra 

program! We are thrilled to offer orchestra as a daily, for-credit class in which all skill levels are welcome. Join our orchestra students in building a program of excellence, community, and joyful music-making!


For a full description of orchestra and other opportunities, click the link below:


Learn more about Hill-Murray Orchestra

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministry is a group of students who have heard the call to faith leadership and have come forward to lead. These students have a passionate faith in Christ and a desire to encourage others in their walk of faith.  They receive training in ministry skills and put them to good use planning and assisting at Mass, sharing their faith on retreats, leading service outings, as well as providing leadership throughout the course of their daily activities in and out of school.  Sophomores and juniors apply for Peer Ministry in the spring for the following school year.  They are selected based upon their application and an interview with a campus minister.


For more information contact:  Christopher Ranweiler  Phone: 651-748-2482





Pioneer Pathways Performing Arts Academy

Pioneer Pathways Performing Arts Academy is a program of superior artistic study taught by accomplished musicians after-school in the music department at Hill-Murray.  All are welcome; one does not have to be a Hill-Murray student to enroll in the Academy.  Adults and students of all ages are welcome to participate.   


Learn more about our Performing Arts Academy

Prom Planning Committee

After the the first of the year, a committee of juniors and seniors is formed to determine the Prom theme, decorations, and invitations. Juniors and seniors agree on the theme, brainstorm decoration ideas, create the invitations, and sell tickets two weeks before Prom. The committee also suggests ideas for the Grand March community event.

Quiz Bowl

Varsity Quiz Bowl team members celebrate their second place finish at the Run for the Roses Tournament.


Quiz Bowl is a game of questions and answers on all topics of knowledge including literature, history, science and math; social sciences; fine arts; geography; religion, mythology, and philosophy; and general knowledge. The match is played between two teams of four players each. Each match has toss-up questions which are read to all players, and bonus questions which are directed to a specific team. A player buzzes in to answer a question. Quiz Bowl is generally played at tournaments. A tournament is a gathering of teams who engage each other in several rounds of games. Quiz Bowl has been a fun, fast-paced Hill-Murray tradition since the mid-1970s, and all students in grades 7-12 are welcome to join.


In support of our Hill-Murray Mission, Quiz Bowl supports and promotes:


Love of Learning:  QB celebrates students’ habits of learning and remembering information from a wide variety of content areas, as well as real-world experiences.


Reflection and Development of the Whole Person:  QB fosters collaboration, sportsmanship, and teamwork both in matches and outside of the formal QB setting.


Inclusivity:  QB welcomes all students in grades 7-12 (per league rules), without making cuts or excluding students based on their academic records.  Often, a student who struggles in some academic areas will excel in others, thus allowing him or her to play a vital role on the QB team.


Service and Character:  Older QB members actively mentor younger participants by welcoming them, helping them learn the processes and protocols, and also by making an effort to acknowledge them outside of QB functions (i.e., in the lunchroom, hallways, etc.).


Community:  Parents and friends of QBees are encouraged to attend meets and support the QB teams.  Although the QB match setting is smaller in spectator capacity than other activities, the sense of support is still important and valued.



Season: Mid-September through Mid-March
Practices: Once a week
Meets are held: November-January (conference), plus extra weekend meets for those who are interested
Grade Range: 7-12 graders

Mrs. Louise Head

Mr. Tim Josephson



Robotics is an amazing opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world of technology.  Students will be exposed to CAD design, programming in multiple languages, in addition to basic construction techniques.  We participate in For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Lego League for our Middle School Students and FIRST Robotics Competition for our high school students.


Our FLL season will run from Sept-Dec and our FRC season runs from Jan-April.  


For more information contact Mr. Ben Gapinski

Scholastic Challenge

Middle School American Scholastic Challenge is open to anyone in grades 6th and 8th and is a one-time competition.  Students will sign up in October and the competition takes place on a day in February.   On the day of competition they will log into a computer and answer a total of 100 questions in an hour.  They compete with students from all over the nation.  They have the opportunity to win certificates of merit, which mean they scored above the national average.  Then the student who scores the highest in each school will win the school champion medal, unless they score the highest in the state or nation, then they get the trophy for that achievement.  Hill-Murray has had a 6th grade state champion for 2 years and an 8th grade state champion for 3 years.

Sowers Of Justice

Sowers of Justice is the social-justice club at Hill-Murray School. Formed 10 years ago, Sowers of Justice has over 200 students as members, and includes students in all grade levels. 

Throughout the school year and over the summer, Sowers of Justice initiates, organizes, and leads numerous service activities, such as participation in the“Homeless Memorial March” in December, “Lobby Day” with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless in March, and a spring semester “Human Rights Awareness Week.”


Advisor: Mary Jansen




Spanish Club

El 5 de mayo

As a member of the Spanish Club, you'll get the chance to explore outside the classroom and interact with the real world. Spanish Club activities will help students use their emerging language skills with native speakers in our community, assist students in exploring the rich Hispanic culture we have right here in MN, give our students an understanding of culture through arts and crafts and celebrations, and provide students an opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

Who can participate?
Spanish Club meets September through May of the school year. Any student currently taking Spanish can participate in whatever activity interests them. There is no minimum or maximum number of activities in which a student can participate. Students should talk to their Spanish teacher for more information.

General information
Come and join our fun activities. We start the school year celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a wide variety of fun-filled cultural activities: Guatemalan Market bracelets, locker signs, fiestas, plays and performances, bios of famous Hispanics and Spanish speaking countries that fill the halls and the whole building labeled in Spanish. Each month we have a different theme with an activity to celebrate the Hispanic culture and use our increasing language skills.

Other possible activities include;
• Visiting authentic restaurants
• Volunteering at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
• Celebrating Día de los Muertos
• Salsa dancing lessons
• Arts and Crafts
• Spanish speaking Mass
• Travel to Spanish speaking countries


We invite you to explore Spanish Club!

Sra. Busch ( and Sra.Corrales (

Hispanic Heritage Month

Live Mariachi music during lunch

Our Lady of Guadalupe food baskets

Spain Trip

Speech Team

Speech is a fine arts performance activity that consists of 13 separate speaking categories. Students enter the category of their choice and, under the direction of their coach, learn how to structure a speech and analyze material as well as performance techniques. Competitive speaking focuses on improving public speaking and presentation skills.

Hill-Murray Speech Team practice begins in October and ends after sections/regions/finals, poetry read-in, and new-student picnic. Practice sessions include group and individual coaching time. Competitions usually occur on Saturdays in January, February, and March. Meets consist of three preliminary rounds and sometimes a final round at a weekend invitational. Rounds consist of 5-8 students of the same category and one judge.

After each round, students are given a rank and percentage. Rounds are added up to determine the overall standings. If there is a final round, top competitors go on in each category. A team award ceremony follows the rounds.

Interpretation Categories
Serious Prose: This category consists of any published selection of prose. Any selection of literary merit and appropriate to the reader that is not poetry, a play, part of a play, or a delivered speech is considered prose.

Serious Drama: This category consists of any published selection of drama. Any selection of dramatic literature (plays) with literary merit and appropriate to the reader is considered drama. The mood must be serious. The maximum time of the presentation, including the introduction is 8 minutes. The use of a script is optional.

Dramatic Duo: This category consists of any published selection of drama. Any serious or humorous dramatic literature (plays) with literary merit and appropriate to the reader is acceptable. The selection must include only two characters--one character per interpreter. The maximum time of the presentation, including introduction and any transitional remarks between scenes, is 8 minutes. The use of a script is optional.

Serious Poetry: This category consists of any published selection of poetry. Any selection with literary merit and appropriate to the reader is acceptable. The mood must be serious. The maximum time of the presentation, including the introduction, is 8 minutes. The use of a script is optional.

Humorous: This category consists of any published selection of prose, poetry, or dramatic literature. Any selection with literary merit and appropriate to the reader is acceptable. The selection cannot be taken from a record, tape, or CD.It should amuse, give enjoyment, or create laughter. The maximum time of the presentation, including the introduction, is 8 minutes. The use of a script is optional.

Speaking Categories
Informative Speaking: This category consists of an original composition of the speaker. The topic should be of general informative interest that is predominantly serious in nature. The use of visual aids is allowed but optional. The maximum time limit is 8 minutes.

Creative Expression: This category consists of the performance of original material organized and written by the speaker. Eighty percent of the presentation must be material, which is original by the speaker. Material from other sources must be acknowledged. Mood of the material may be serious, humorous, or both. The speaker may be use pantomime, storytelling, interpretive reading, impersonation, or any combination of these styles. The maximum time limit is 8 minutes. The use of a script is optional.

Original Oratory: This category consists of speaker analyzing and critiquing a speech that has been delivered and given special recognition as a great speech. A minimum of 25% of the script must be the speaker’s own words. The maximum time is 8 minutes. The use of a script is optional.

Discussion: This category consists of a blending of cooperation and critical thinking to arrive at a collective goal of better understanding and problem soloing. Students will develop a file of information of the chosen topic to refer to and quote from during a discussion. (The MSHSL names the topic and provides a limited bibliography to begin the search for materials.) A discussion group is limited to no more than 8 members (in competition) and the discussion period will be limited to 60 minutes (in competition.)

Draw Categories
Storytelling: This category consists of a recreation of a familiar story by the speaker. The story is to be told in his/her own words. The speaker shall, in order to participate, draw three titles, choose one, and return the other titles to the box. The speaker shall then prepare before speaking. No books, notes, or properties shall be used. The time limit is 6 minutes. No script can be used.

Extemporaneous Reading (Prose or Poetry): This category consists of reading excerpts from various forms of literature for the purpose of enjoyment. The speaker shall draw three selections, choose one, and return the other titles to the box. The speaker shall then have 30 minutes to prepare an introduction and rehearse the selection. Only the introductions are to be memorized; no script or note cards can be used for them. The time limit is 6 minutes. The appropriate book must be used.

Extemporaneous Speaking: This category consists of a persuasive speech on a current issue. The speech is to be researched and composed by the speaker. Speakers may choose from the U.S. or international topics – a list of the topics is provided by the MSHSL. The speaker shall draw three topics, choose one, and return the others to the box. The speaker then shall have 45 minutes of preparation time. The speaker is allowed one note card with 50 words and/or symbols on it. The time limit is 7 minutes.

Useful Web Addresses: MSHSL web site

Event Description
(Complete description and rules – MSHSL Fine Arts Rules and Policies Manual)

Head Coach:

String Ensemble

The Hill-Murray String Ensemble is a cocurricular music ensemble for grades 6-12 which meets outside the school day.  Practices are on Tuesdays (when school is in session) from 2:30-4:30.  The full ensemble (all students) will practice from 2:30 -3:30. In addition, each week a different section will rotate small group instruction from 3:30-4:30. No audition is required. Any violin, viola, cello, or bass players are welcome to join. To read more about our string program, click the link below.


Learn more about our string program

Student Council - High School

The Hill-Murray Student Council is a group of student delegates who are committed to improving the Hill-Murray experience for all students.  Members of Student Council engage in service projects, work to improve student life, and encourage school spirit through the organization and planning of events throughout the year.   Students are given the opportunity to conduct Student Council meetings using parliamentary procedure.  The experience of conducting meetings prepares students to serve in a leadership capacity in their future after high school.


Who can join?

All students can run for Student Council.  Student Council members are selected in two different ways.  Their grade level peers can elect them, or they can be selected by the Student Council Executive Board.  Each year the elections are held in the fall for all grades. 

Each Grades election works as follows:

Freshmen- 2 selected by the Executive Board, 1 selected by grade level peers

Sophomores- 1 selected by the Executive Board, 2 selected by grade level peers

Juniors- 1 selected by grade level peers

Seniors- 1 selected by grade level peers


Important info:

For perspective Student Council members and parents, it is a huge commitment.  Attendance is expected at Student Council meetings.  Council members are very involved in school functions. Not only is active involvement a must at school functions, but also in preparing for them.


Catholic Social Teachings:

Student Council members have many opportunities to adhere to the Catholic Social Teaching principles. Throughout the year, members demonstrate the dignity of the human person by being respectful, fair, and celebrating uniqueness. Each time we host a pep fest, all-school picnic, etc…, we are striving for a sense of community and a common good. The Service committee of the Student Council petitions for the rights and responsibility of the administration. They propose solutions to problems and ways to make H-M a better place. During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Blood Mobile, members help the poor and vulnerable. Through committee work, Student Council members are asked to respect others contributions and creativity. The Student Council is the epitome of solidarity. We have to work together as a group on so many activities that it is imperative that we respect each other. Caring for God’s Creation is done through our proposals to improve our community.


For more information, contact

Brian Engels 




Student Council - Middle School

Middle School Student Council is a way to create a community feel to our middle school at Hill-Murray School.  There is a select group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade help to plan a variety of activities throughout the year.   All middle school students are invited to attend these activities.  Some examples of activities are: cookie decorating, movie nights, service projects, and roller-skating.



Hill-Murray Theatre enjoys a well-chronicled reputation in the greater community as one of the finest programs in the state. It is known for its professionalism, excellence, and outstanding programming. Any student wishing to participate in a theatre experience is welcomed. Over 20% of Hill-Murray students are involved each year in the theatre program, onstage and behind the scenes. Students interested in developing their talent or just becoming involved in an exciting activity will find a home in Hill-Murray Theatre!

The Theatre Season at Hill-Murray consists of seven productions: A fall play, a Dance concert, a Christmas Show, a One Act, a Middle School Play, a spring Musical, and a student led Cabaret to end the season.  The One-Act is for the Minnesota State High School League sponsored contest and has often won the Section championship and advanced to a starred rating at the state level. A special summer workshop for students who wish to sharpen their skills is conducted by outside professionals each summer.

Student Participation
Over the course of the coming school year nearly one out of every five students will participate in some way in a Theatre-related production. One of the school's top priorities is to help students find balance between cocurriculars and maintaining their academic performance. A comment often heard from parents is that students' grades actually improve while they're involved in shows because of the emphasis placed at Hill-Murray on time management and academics. 

Get Involved! 

Information about audtions and workshops for upcoming productions will be posted on the Call Board found near the Theatre Office.  For more information, contact Mr. Bakken Ballentine at 

The middle school production takes place in January and is directed by Ms. Walth.  Contact her with questions at 

Any students interested in the Behind-the-Scenes aspect of theatre are welcome to join the HM Tech Crew program at any time during the school year. A schedule is posted on the callboard and most work is completed in the Scene Shop (016.) Contact Mr. Morris for more information at 


WEB Leaders

Purpose: This group is made of high school students to help our middle school students adjust to life at Hill-Murray. WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs


Description: This is a group of chosen 10th and 11th grade students to help guide the middle school students throughout the school year.  They begin by being part of middle school orientation day.  They help lead different games/activities, assist them with locks/lockers, and give them a tour of the building – pointing out their classes, the lunchroom, and other points of interest.


Advisors:  Kari Keller, Mitch Shemon, and Jennie Sabraski


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