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Hill-Murray Pioneers Football

Hill-Murray Football Program Philosophy:

The participants are students first, members of the Hill-Murray community second, and athletes third. This is the order of priority for guiding what WE do. The opportunity to play football is only available if student-athletes are meeting expectations as students and as community members.

At Hill-Murray, WE aim to create a positive extracurricular experience for all who decide to participate in football. WE hope to grow the sport of football and the values it teaches those who play the great game.

WE believe that there is more to high school than athletics, and while fun and healthy, athletics are meaningless unless they teach positive lessons to those who participate

WE will measure success not by the number of titles won, but by the lives lived by those who go through our program. A football player should have balance in his life. WE want young men who are well rounded and have interests outside of sports as well. Even during football season, there needs to be time set aside for family, friends, and schoolwork.

As a sport, football uniquely contributes to the overall education of a student by the lessons it teaches. In victory, as well as in defeat, a football player learns a great deal about himself. How does he respond to adversity? How does he handle losing? How does he respond when he encounters fatigue? How does he view winning? Did I give my best? Was that good enough?

Football is unique in that the entire team must accept the result of their performance. Sometimes, giving the best that they can is still not going to achieve victory, but learning the lesson of giving their best will be a success. A football player gets out what he puts in. The TEAM becomes better only by having each individual to be willing to sacrifice a part of themselves for the greater good. To be a Hill-Murray football player is to be a man who achieves his highest potential by demonstrating to his teammates OUR program core values of LOVE, PASSION, COMMITMENT, and TRUST. All members of the Hill-Murray football program will be taught and expected to: care, sacrifice, display honor, and show grit in times of adversity.

Hill-Murray Football Player Expectations:

WE expect them to be on time, to learn their assignments, and to display our program core values of LOVE, PASSION, COMMITMENT, and TRUST. The purpose of our football program s not in the win and loss column, but in the development of ideals such as sacrifice, hard work, unselfishness, being able to care about others, being honorable, and showing grit in times of adversity. Teamwork means a group of people working together for a common goal that benefits all members. Everyone in our FAMILY is expected to give up part of themselves for the greater good of the team.

The Hill-Murray Football F.A.M.I.L.Y

The acronym F.A.M.I.L.Y. stands for "Forget About Me, I Love You." A FAMILY is made out of LOVE, PASSION, COMMITMENT, and TRUST. To truly be a FAMILY: WE honor each other in words and deeds; WE sacrifice for each other, WE care about each other, WE show grit in challenging times.

In this way, OUR FAMILY becomes greater than the sum of its parts:

-Honor comes from demonstrating PASSION and TRUST.

-Caring comes from demonstrating LOVE and TRUST.

-Grit comes from COMMITMENT and PASSION.

-Sacrifice comes from LOVE and COMMITMENT.

“The F.A.M.I.L.Y. comes first”

Using drugs, having poor grades in the classroom, poor attendance, poor behavior, social media postings that degrade others inside or outside of our school and program are all examples of not putting the team first. Choosing to put ones self before the team will bring


Hill-Murray Football Program Motto:

Head, Heart, and Grit

All members of the Hill-Murray football program will understand, and demonstrate OUR program motto: "Head, Heart, and Grit."

-Head: Being smart, knowing where, when, how, and why things need to be done

-Heart: Doing tasks with emotion and PASSION.

-Grit: Having the courage or guts to do things at the correct time.

Goals vs Purpose:

WE would like to discuss the difference in the Hill-Murray football program between goals that our team has, and the purpose of the football program.

The Hill-Murray team goals are to compete and earn the right to be called champions in the sub-district, section, and state tournament fields. WE want to win, but our purpose is very different from that. OUR purpose is to assist all members of the program to achieve their highest potential.

In order to achieve their highest potential WE are going to learn about LOVE, PASSION, COMMITMENT, and TRUST. WE will learn to demonstrate caring, to show grit in times of adversity, to sacrifice for others, and honor those we care about. WE will learn about sacrifice, about caring for others more than ourselves, and about creating life long bonds and friendships.

Most importantly, WE will learn to open ourselves up to TRUST others. WE can have no real relationships of value if they are not based on TRUST. TRUST is hard, and at times leaves us vulnerable. Despite that vulnerability, TRUST is a powerful force that causes us to learn and grow in order to achieve our fullest potential. WE want members of the Hill-Murray football program to learn to open themselves up and TRUST each other.

WE want members of our program to become uncommon individuals that are empowered to be caring, sensitive, and loving people who respect others, who will give of themselves to others, to grow into fantastic parents, spouses, and friends. WE want this to be the great accomplishment of their lives, not some achievement of goals in the arena.

All decisions made in OUR program are based on whether or not they allow us to achieve OUR principal purpose.

Hill-Murray Football: Tradition of Excellence

Hill-Murray Football's tradition of success on the football field:

3 Central Catholic Conference Titles

1 KSTP Independent State Title

4 St. Paul City Conference Titles

2 Classic Suburban Conference Titles

4 Section Championship Titles

Recent tradition of success:

2009- Section Championship Appearance

2010- Section Championship Appearance

2011- State Semi-Final Appearance

2012- State Quarterfinal Appearance

2013- Section Championship Appearance

2014 -Section Championship Appearance

Here is a short video showing our players commitment to the off-season:

OUR 2014 Highlight Video:

Head Football Coach

Rick Fryklund


Go Pioneers!

Hill-Murray Middle School Football

The middle school football team is open to players in grades 6-8. Our middle school football team is also open for players from other schools to participate on. Practices begin in the evening to make sure it fits within the schedule of players from other schools. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Coach Mike Wilde. 612-227-8425

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